This technique is perfect for any wrapping app

optimum pallet sizing (80″ stress diagonal) the rotary left arm can certainly place pratically whatever you have at him! The PRTA range delivers the sizeable wrapping potential within its course!

This product is ideal for any wrapping application, excelling in particular at wrapping app that requires to wrap gentle or unstable lots or even for rates which will or else cause the weight to topple as a result of great rotation rates of speed.

CheckedBUILT TO Previous – Intended For Highest STRENGHT!

Octagonal TableRugged all-structual stainlesss steel design reflects the durability of this machine. HSS tubes gives a powerful and lightweight-excess weight left arm decreasing the driving causes necessary to turn the left arm.

Stainlesss steel weldment of arm construction is designed type greatest strenght and keep the revolving weight to a minimum.

Rugged all-structual steel building reflects the longevity of this machine. HSS tubing supplies a robust and light-weight-weight arm reducing the driving factors expected to swivel the arm.

Heavy-duty wormgear motor and reducer drive system coupled with a 14″ dia. covered ringbearing for arm support and rotation easily matches the demands of steady place cycles.

Power track and toned cable eliminate strength shorts due to bending fatigue available on aggressive types utilizing poor strength cable.

The Upkeep-Cost-free UHMW Carriage guide bearings make sure easy straight vacation of the film carriage.

Personnel / Obstruction safety system shuts down wrapper immediately if unsafe circumstances should arise.

Metallic Weldment of left arm set up is ideal for Greatest Energy whilst keeping the revolving excess weight as low as possible.


52 by 52 MAX Pallet Size (80″ Weight Diagonal) Most significant Capacity in its Course.


12 RPM stretch wrapping pace. Quickest within its Class.

Best in Type Wrapping Versatility c/w Touch screen Handle offers all functions as standard…. Which include individuals not available (or even an upcharge) on competitive models.

Stretch Film Preserving capabilities such as:

Independent 1-9 top rated and bottom part wrap matter supplies as much as 15Percent Cost savings. Implement merely the stretch film essential towards the top as a stand alone in the underside compared to aggressive versions that can be applied a frequent amount to leading & underside regardless of will need.

Different up and down carriage speeds eliminates time and squandered stretch film utilized with competitor’s frequent pace manage. (Approximately ten percent Price savings).

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Why would you pay extra money with competitive models if you can have these feature

presently within the price at no extra cost?

Normal Outstanding Capabilities

4,000 pounds. excess weight potential.

Variable Pace Brings manage all motors for max flexibility.

Digital stretch film anxiety manage with Analogue digital Sensing unit delivers the epitome of opinions management.

PLC control with Touch-screen Owner Program offers limitless flexibility

Automated Fill Level sensing photoeye is mounted in the stretch film carriage with changeable path.

12 rpm (greater speeds can be found)

18″ Process Top of Rollers for conveyors

Guarantee period of time with this stretch wrapping system is five-years.

Confirmed For Years Prestretch rollers with 245Per cent prestretch percentage as normal.

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“Best in Class” Security features:

Film packing Protection Shut-off of change automatically shuts downward power during stretch film packing by Operator.

Simple Film Packing carriage with twice secure doorway control for assured sealing.

Mushroom Angle And Take E-Cease Option.

Stretch Wrapping Options:

30″ Prestretch Carriage for wider stretch film.

15 RPM High-speed Rotation For Phoenix, az PRTA-2100

5 Ft Powered Curler Conveyor wit DC Handle

5 Ft Operated Curler Conveyor wit VFD Management

Very low Film Alarm

18″ to 24″ Successfully pass Size for Rotary Tower Method

All kinds of other choices readily available…

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