This method is good for any wrapping application

max pallet dimension (80″ load diagonal) the rotary arm can easily cover pratically what you chuck at him! The PRTA range delivers the big wrapping capacity within its course!

This method is great for any wrapping program, excelling specifically at wrapping app which requires to cover light-weight or unstable loads or perhaps for rates which would normally cause the fill to topple due to higher rotation rates.

CheckedBUILT TO Final – Intended For Highest STRENGHT!

Octagonal Dinner tableTough all-structual steel development displays the durability of this machine. HSS piping provides a powerful and light-weight-body weight left arm minimizing the driving a car causes required to rotate the left arm.

Stainlesss steel weldment of arm set up is designed kind highest strenght whilst keeping the spinning body weight to a minimum.

Tough all-structual metallic construction demonstrates the robustness of this machine. HSS piping supplies a solid and lightweight-weight left arm minimizing the driving pushes necessary to swivel the left arm.

Hefty-task wormgear reducer and motor generate method along with a 14″ dia. covered ringbearing for arm support and rotation effortlessly matches the requirements of ongoing cover periods.

Power path and smooth cable remove potential shorts on account of bending fatigue found on aggressive designs utilizing poor potential cable.

The Maintenance-Totally free UHMW Carriage manual bearings make certain clean vertical journey of the film carriage.

Personnel / Obstruction safety system shuts down wrapper immediately if unsafe circumstances should arise.

Metallic Weldment of left arm set up is designed for Greatest Strength whilst keeping the rotating body weight as low as possible.


52 x 52 Optimum Pallet Dimensions (80″ Stress Diagonal) Most significant Capacity within its Course.


12 RPM stretch wrapping pace. Fastest in its Type.

Finest in Class Wrapping Mobility c/w Touchscreen Manage provides all features as standard…. Which include individuals not available (or even an upcharge) on very competitive models.

Stretch Film Preserving features including:

Different 1-9 best and bottom wrap count up offers up to 15Percent Savings. Utilize merely the stretch film necessary on the top as a stand alone from the bottom part in comparison to competing types that can be applied a typical figure to top & underside no matter will need.

Separate up and down carriage speeds removes enough time and wasted stretch film employed with competitor’s common pace handle. (Around 10% Cost savings).

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If you can have these featur, why would you pay extra money with competitive modelse

already included in the value at no extra cost?

Regular Outstanding Characteristics

4,000 lbs. bodyweight capacity.

Factor Velocity Hard disks handle all motors for max versatility.

Electronic stretch film tension management with Analog digital Sensor supplies the epitome of responses manage.

PLC control with Touchscreen display User Program offers limitless mobility

Auto Stress Elevation sensing photoeye is mounted inside the stretch film carriage with variable monitor.

12 rpm (better rates are available)

18″ Process Top of Rollers for conveyors

Guarantee period of time for this particular stretch wrapping product is 5 years.

Assured For A Lifetime Prestretch rollers with 245% prestretch proportion as standard.

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“Best in Class” Safety features:

Film loading Protection Closed-away from swap instantly powers downward potential throughout stretch film reloading by Operator.

Easy Film Reloading carriage with twice lock front door control for certain locking.

Mushroom Perspective And Draw E-Cease Option.

Stretch Wrapping Possibilities:

30″ Prestretch Carriage for larger stretch film.

15 RPM High Speed Rotation For Phoenix az PRTA-2100

5 Feet Powered Curler Conveyor wit DC Control

5 Ft Run Curler Conveyor wit VFD Handle

Low Film Alarm system

18″ to 24″ Successfully pass Height for Rotary Tower System

Various other choices available…

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