The VersaFilm experience continues

selection of easy shrink-wrappers was a quick good results when first launched in 2010. More than fifty of your models are actually operational on all five continents, and from now on, just five months after the Gebo Cermex merger, Cermex has yet again demonstrated its capability to innovate at the conclusion of the packing collection. The VersaFilm? family continues to be up-graded, and now provides far better handling at high rates and increased pack top quality with multiple-lane applications. Constructing on the first advantages from the range, such as its modular design and enhanced guide days of just 10 weeks (normal models only, excluding manage-in), Cermex has introduced new advancements to boost the machine?ˉs performance. It can be now even easier to change formats, and servicing energy and time consumption happen to be drastically lessened. At Drinktec, Cermex is unveiling a whole new machine prepared with a brand new vacuum infeed desk and multi-funnel shrink tunnel.

3 years later…much more new innovations

A new vacuum table for film infeed, with automated reel changeover utilizing a branded Double Injections System (DIS) for high-rate shrink-wrapping.

Until now, all of the shrink-wrappers within the VersaFilm? household had been built with a small dinner table, having an shot system for method speeds as well as a vacuum system for top rates. Now, Cermex has totally re-engineered its vacuum desk to make film dealing with more liquid and also to help servicing on substantial-speed facial lines. On the new dinner table, the decreasing module is equipped with DIS and it is completely outside of the vacuum element for film infeed.

Much more liquid film coping with

Great-pace film infeed with confirmed safety, reel changeovers without quitting the machine, auto change to different versions in film size (from 20 to 80 microns), plus a higher threshold to various film grades (recyclable or naturally degradable polyethylene film) all play a role in a lot more substance film coping with. The production is now 120 cycles each minute according to the merchandise collations and batches.

Refined maintenance

The vacuum and table element are extractible to deliver much easier accessibility machine and machine elements for example the knife. The belts might be replaced more rapidly and their support life has become extensive, producing general servicing much simpler.

An designed shrink tunnel

Cermex was also firmly resolved to battle one more struggle: improving shrinking for packages, specifically for multiple-lane applications. The solution? A fresh age group of tunnels, with hot air blood flow which can be tweaked in line with the distinct product or service formatting: number, height and collation of lanes. The user can adapt the blowing size in each and every air route, along with the inter-funnel spacing and specific ventilation may also be that is set in a breeze. The result is top quality film shrinkage all around each batch plus a major decline in vitality consumption. Using its new heat channels, the tunnel is completely modular and can work with one, dual or triple lanes. The atmosphere movement has become optimized for application as close as possible towards the package, and energy temperature and transfer adjustments are fully managed in order to save vitality. New adjustment methods with screws and Siko counter tops mean function can be carried out about the machine with out opening the shrink tunnel side panels, for safer machine maintenance and handles.

Reel owner with extensible mandrel

In their 2010 version, the VersaFilm? collection was equipped with a reel holder composed of two rollers per reel. The creative designers at Cermex wanted to remove any chance of pinching inherent to such a system as well as accelerate the reel changeover process. They have been productive on both scores. First, in order to eliminate any risk of pinching between the reel and the support rollers, thereby increasing operator safety, the extractable rollers have been replaced with mandrels. Next, the original asynchronous electric motor is replaced from a servo-motor to further improve active features and provide better film feed regulates (no stress) and film usage after the reel.

Constructing in the advantages of the fundamental program

The modular structure of your VersaFilm? range keeps it a stride in front of the competition. Business optimizing for every single element has led to best-high quality reaction instances coupled with cost effectiveness. The componenents and pieces are highly standardized, which means better still expense regulates and designed maintenance.

Starting from the design and style stage, machine upkeep is maintained easy. A lot of the transmitting chains happen to be changed by servo-motors, and also the stores which keep are actually maintenance-totally free. The infeed and lapping belts and most of the segments are simple to dismantle, enhancing function circumstances for operators and lowering format changeover instances.

The table (injections or vacuum infeed) and reel system are typically extractible and fully available. The top-precision production line adjustments imply that no modifications should be manufactured by the user, irrespective of the film thickness (between 20 and 80 microns).

Yet another distinctive characteristic made available from Cermex may be the Two Injection System (DIS), which could immediately change the reel without having halting the machine. The injections system with copyrighted unbiased twin heads keeps reel changeover time to a minimum, making it easier to protect yourself from any bottlenecks upstream during this process.

The branded SFR regulated circulation assortment system is amongst the most significant positive aspects made available from the VersaFilm? array. The conveyor corridors and selection hands and fingers are easy to modify, making certain repeatability and big time-price savings when changing formats. Operators can easily obtain a return if they have 3 diverse formats to process on a single machine, ranging from 55 to 124 millimeters and from 25 cl to 3 liters.

One last feature that has also been a big part in the VersaFilm? collection?ˉs success: its high-overall performance Individual/Machine Graphical user interface. The HMI provides access to every one of the machine adjustments in real-time, which includes engine details screens and handles.

The VersaFilm venture proceeds

The design and style crews at Cermex are actually busy at the job in the innovations of the future. From the third quarter of 2013, new functions will probably be provided available on the market: motorization of change details (totally included with automation design) and tapered screw adjustments about the wrapping machine to produce file format changeovers even much easier. This innovation covers each of the adjustment factors on the machine, like the oxygen channels and flaps from the shrink tunnel. The housings may also be getting upgraded to improve owner safety even more.