The VersaFilm experience continues

Specialized Attributes

Merchandise arriving in range on a conveyor are collated into batches of 2 or higher, without halting the products

Program specifically suited for connection with systems like racetrack collator or buckle collator

Sub-construction could be tailored to all of loading techniques managing RSC or wrapping machine about blanks

Option: One-axis phaser (1 buckle, 1 bracket coach) or possibly a two-axis phaser (2 belts, 2 bracket trains)

according to the type and speed of product

Element might be sometimes impartial or incorporated into the item collating area of the case packer


All types of products, especially products which are versatile and hard to build-up

Mechanically robust and reliable answer

Readily available

Lightweight structure compared to standard pre-collation systems

A dish generating/loading/lidding strategy to meet up with your distinct requirements:


Customised item collating system

Trustworthy blank removal

Lid can be installed inside of (covered with hot burn stick or simply just placed) or outside the plate.

Mechanically reliable and robust answer

Items facing one or two directions within the tray


All types of cover handled (You-shaped lid, cross lid, and so forth.)

Squaring guaranteed by equally pushing the lid and tray

Option for managing complete wrapping machine around instances with quick flaps, trays with ledges, and so on.

Tray or top moulding feasible for goods without having countertop-tension


All surgical procedures positively handled

Velocity: as much as 26 outers per minute based on the product and collation

Solution: automated sizing changeovers

A wrap all around packing strategy to meet your specific specifications:

Practical Attributes

Compact and ergonomic design

Modular product and case managing sub-assemblies

Very low situation journal to ease packing, power-driven extraction

Totally servo-motivated machine

Increased Features

Cantilever style of the blank move device

Retention zones reduced

stretch Machine very easy to thoroughly clean

Optimum product or service tracing guaranteed

Unique common situation automation unit


Velocity: as much as 35 blanks/minutes according to the program and particular adaptations

Automated tripping in the bracket chain to enable easy and quick format changeovers

Overall flexibility in your choice of product packaging: wrap all around situation with quick flaps, trays with uppr ledges, containers with low, substantial or sloping sides.

Solution: intelligent size changeovers