the STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINE with Film carriage Travel


Intelligent stretch pallet wrapping devices

Turntable Diameter: 1650mm

Packing efficency 20-40loads/hour or so

Manual/ auto change

TP1800F-PL automatic stretch pallet wrapping equipment.

Stretch wrapping models are used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. Film gives added support while the merchandise is being transferred & storaged to protect them from hint, spillage or from being destroyed. Additionally , twisted plenty could be divided and discovered. Stretch pallet wrapper is popular in compound sector electronic sector developing supplies appliances for the home papermaking foodstuff And ingest and so on.

Practical factors.

Packing Height: 2000mm.

Turntable Diameter: 1800mm,Level: 625mm.

Packing efficency 20-40loads/hour.

Turntable pace -12rpm.

Turntable reloading(max) 2000kg

Film carriage system Pre-stretch wrapping machine .

Up-down framework Heavy duty dual-sequence carriage raise ,relax and safty

Manage system PLC control..

Machine weight 700kg

Potential/voltage .75kw,AC220V/.75kw

Machine Specs could possibly be fulfilled

Control System.

PLC manage

Picture-eyes automobile-level sensing pallet height

Individual best ,bottom part And up-downward Wrap Countertop choices

Overwrap time is up to create an overwrap .

Enhance wrap instances is defined to better secure 2 loads placed on top of the other.

Film Anxiety Control realignment about the solar panel .

Separate start, pause and emergency stop control buttons.

Energy signal.

Guide carriage up/straight down .

Variable Turntable Rate

Carriage up/lower speed handle

Manual/automated exchangeable


1800mm Diameter Structural stainlesss steel platter

625mm Elevation ground to surface of turntable

Turntable push

-12rpm varied turntable of stretch wrapper velocity by volume changer

Position turntable alignment .

Soft start

Film carriage

Run pre-stretch system as much as 250% to minutes film usage .

Carriage front door starts for trouble-free roll thread and change film

Film delivery variable pace by independent DC Generate Engine

Electrical film stress handle realignment on board.

Film dancer-pub with variable rate productivity

Film carriage Push

Heavy-duty dual-chain stretch wrapping carriage lift, calm and safety

Film carriage variable speed by consistency changer

Primary factors and electric overall performance qualities of the main elements

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