The stretch overwrapping machine provides precise, safe and narrow overwrapping

companies personalisation, wrapping and feeding solutions. In Singapore, Kora-Packmat Asia, a completely-possessed subsidiary of K? RA-PACKMAT Maschinenbau, was set up in 2001 and it is dedicated to offering successful sales and support professional services to clients in the Parts of asia Pacific place.

Cards wrapping models

Our CardSeal 2 card wrapping models enable buyers to pack CR80 file format leaflets and cards the exact same formatting, such as pre-paid telephone charge cards, web cards, customer loyalty greeting cards and SIM greeting cards.

Our prime-speed CardSeal 2 credit card wrapping machine’s express-of-the-art ultrasonic securing modern technology enables elaborate designs to be produced about the closes. These habits, which may be general or customised, give optimum protection in opposition to fraud and could be used to give a useful advertising characteristic to the package produced.

SonicSeal is definitely an affordable, new-age group machine to the wrapping of credit cards and leaflets within the CR80 format. It provides a small machine design and style, exclusive ultrasonic sealing technologies along with a overall performance as high as 150 merchandise each and every minute.

Format-adaptable wrapping models

The SonicSeal F formatting-flexible wrapping machinemakes utilisation of the 4-sided ultrasonic security closing technological innovation and possesses a efficiency of up to 100 products a minute. It is a fast and correct remedy for a variety of items for example DVDs, CDs and leaflets and so on.

Modular wrapping equipment

FlexiSeal can be a modular and flexible machine for that affordable wrapping of toned and three dimensional goods in different formats. Owner friendliness, format overall flexibility, an excellent value-overall performance percentage as well as a routine rate of up to 80 items a minute characterise this machine.

The FlexiSeal modular wrapping machine creates limited show packs and supplies a wide array of selectable choices, which includes:

Straightforward open perforation

Header bundles with euro opening

Recloseable deals

Usage of preprinted film


Separating, counting and wrapping devices

The VMC105 is really a adaptable machine for counting, separating and wrapping small to medium sized-size items. It is ideal for mobile phonecards and stationery, greeting greeting cards, Compact disks and DVD containers. This machine assures the very best demonstration of your own merchandise and provides higher flexibility.

Flat-merchandise wrapping models

The VM 90 machine is for collating and wrapping of huge formats. This machine is specifically designed for wrapping smooth products within the dimensions selection of A6 to B4, like papers bedding, listlabels and cards, inserts for engagement ring binders, greeting leaflets, envelopes and cards. This machine allows wonderful flexibility for person goods or a mixture of merchandise.

Greeting card wrapping equipment

The VFM 102 machine is ideally designed for wrapping greeting cards. It creates a pocket wrap at a high speed of up to 110 periods a minute, with out film clip, thus maintaining wrapping expenses reduced.

The VFM 102 is specifically designed for that wrapping of greeting credit cards. The machine may be incorporated into a wrapping series to provide banding, feeding, labelling, collating, folding and scoring.

Overwrapping machines

The VRM VRM and 25 30 overwrapping models are best for wrapping or overwrapping dividers, crawl greeting cards, envelopes, greeting charge cards, mobile phone cards and other things. The stretch overwrapping machine provides precise, safe and narrow overwrapping.

Providing systems for product packaging equipment

Kora-Packmat’s giving methods are for separating and feeding of level merchandise. They supply highly effective, computerized serving and collating remedies for regular and specialised applications.

Feeders are very important add-ons to product packaging equipment. Kora-Packmat Parts of asia designs and creates its very own feeders based upon its significant technical know-how and encounter. The feeders might be combined on its wrapping devices or supplied as stand up-by itself solutions useful for separating, counting and selective serving of smooth merchandise. Items incorporate:

Rubbing feeders

Vacuum feeders

Comprehensive collating products

Feeder accessories