the production line creating the panel packaging machine with film panel display individual panels

This innovation permits the slender film exhibit panel being safely safeguarded using only the packing panel packaging collection alone without having to use further guarding system, unlike the previous art, as a result fixing the difficulties which may take place as a result of using the more safeguarding model, and decreasing an economical problem with a manufacturing organization which produces the slender film display panel as the half-done merchandise, for that reason maximizing value competitiveness.

[14] Yet another thing of this invention is to produce an panel packing range for packing a thin film display panel, that has a method for horizontally loading thin film panel packaging line screen individual panels and stacking the packed sections in multiple tiers, hence altering the size of your piled solar panels to match the height of any storage area of travelling signifies experiencing numerous heights, and that has a means for protecting the lean film exhibit panels with out a guarding model or a partition wall surface, contrary to standard packing bins, thus growing the amount of thin film show panels which can be bundled in one packing panel packaging line as a result minimizing the quantity of shipments and minimizing transport costs.

Technological Remedy

[15] In order to accomplish the object, the present invention provides an panel packaging line for packing a thin film display panel, including a stacking frame which is open at a center thereof, and a seating step provided inside the stacking frame such that the thin film display panel is horizontally seated thereon. Useful Consequences