The power model discloses an aeration perforating system on an upender.

The power product discloses an aeration perforating system for an upender. The aeration perforating system includes an aeration perforating situation along with a situation engine, wherein two learn gears and a number of powered gears are set up within the aeration perforating situation, the learn equipment are sheathed and organized with a motor unit shaft and they are powered through the circumstance engine, the motivated equipment are sheathed and organized on the driven gear shaft, one of many exterior sides of two shaft comes to an end of the motivated gear shaft is provided with correcting obstructs, the repairing obstructs are offered with perforating shafts, the perforating shafts are linked to perforating sticks, and also the perforating stays are exposed out of your bottom in the circumstance. The foot of the aeration perforating scenario is provided with strip-designed perforating holes that happen to be corresponding for the perforating stays, so the perforating sticks can move coupled established keeps track of for perforating beneath the driving a vehicle from the powered gears. The aeration perforating device revealed from the energy product is reasonable and simple in construction, the driving equipment are driven with the scenario electric motor, accordingly, the perforating shafts about the motivated equipment are driven to swivel, the perforating stays are turned on to maneuver perforating, moving and vertically of the perforating sticks inside an natural fertilizer heap are recognized, and so the fertilizer pile is aerated and reorganized.

Statements(2) interpreted from China

A stacker machine with upender air perforating equipment, distinguished in that it includes perforated aeration engine chassis and also the chassis, the major equipment set up and 4 fresh air perforated interior enclosure powered products, the main items set up located in the motor unit shaft, a fixed block is pushed by the motor unit circumstance, the pushed equipment offered on the exterior of the two axial ends sets the pushed equipment shaft, the motivated items provided along the side of the shaft, the shaft presented around the resolved prohibit punch, punch shaft There perforated put, stick revealed in the bottom of the chassis impact.