The pallet lifter or forklift collections the pallet into the turntable

W is really a powerful wrapper designed, manufactured and supported to supply issues free procedure.

The pallet lifter or forklift collections the pallet onto the turntable of your ARPAC POWER Range, W-N-W stretch wrapping machine. The owner then pulls the lanyard cord to begin with the wrap sequence. The film is instantly attached and also the EZ-Stress? film pre-stretch element expands the film from 150Per cent as much as 300Percent (200Per cent regular). After the pallet is twisted, the film is quickly lower along with the tail is cleaned towards the pallet. The pallet can be taken off the turntable and the pattern frequent.

platform, rotary tower and orbital stretch wrappers are probably the most comprehensive line of stretch wrapping systems in the business. ARPAC stretch wrappers can pallet place each stable and unstable pallet tons. With load capacities including 3,000Lbs. to limitless body weight, you are sure to obtain the right method to match your requires.

SERIES is a component of the strong line of stretch wrapping gear designed to take full advantage of stretch film consumption while ensuring the very best weight unitization. All ARPACSTRETCHTM gear is developed with weighty-responsibility reinforced structural metallic with low-corrosive prepared on powder cover accomplish, to assure years of reputable wrapping. The PAC-Sequence is manufactured in the united states and distributed by way of our nationwide representative network.

The PAC-Sequence weighty-task conveyorized automated turntable stretch wrapping program provides excellent overall performance around-the-time clock. Ideal for high speed conveyorized production lines, this inline process indexes pallet tons instantly into and from the place zone and discharges plenty without user assistance.

At the conclusion of the wrap cycle, the wash arm aligns the film with the clamp left arm. When the clamp left arm records the film, the new wire slices the film and the wipe left arm creates a second motion, cleaning the film to the fill to avoid film tails from unraveling.

Tough potential curler conveyors can be used as moving lots with the PAC-Collection cover zone. These conveyors are pushed by ANSI chains with sprocket protecting, and are guarded with large gauge created sheet metal.

The PAC-Range can be constructed with a number of overall performance enhancements. The recommended Tie up-GR? Film Tail Handling System eliminates film tails by securing the tail to the pallet. The Very Best PLATEN system is utilized to keep down shaky pallet lots in the wrapping sequence, along with a Top rated Sheet Dispenser covers the top of the pallet with film, for further item protection from moisture.

Characteristics Choices Machine Features Item Features


Large-duty reinforced structural stainlesss steel design for around-the-clock operation

Natural powder coat complete that offers a durable scratch tolerant surface area and helps prevent rust

Allen-Bradley? HMI for machine parameter options, guide procedures and problem diagnostics information

In electronic format controlled film tension modification

Leading above-cover handle

Changeable top and underside cover counter tops (-7)

Turntable generate: 3/4 HP DC electric motor with ANSI 60 sequence

Heavy duty conveyors with 2.5″ rollers, 11 measure walls spaced at 3.75″ pitch driven by “loop to loop” ANSI sequence

Driven turntable transition rollers for further good pallet managing

Distinctive 36″ diameter accuracy and precision metal engagement ring turntable help for dependable stress entry and exit

Guide conveyor controls

Mechanized fasten holds turntable in place while in product shift

42″ safety fencing with intralocking entry doorway

Automatic film clamp and cut product with manual override control

Picture electronic fill level detector that finds most dim coloured plenty

Varied carriage velocity (-21FPM)

EZ-Fill FILM-SAVR? Operated Pre-Stretch: around 300Per cent with lowest the neck and throat lower

Film shipping and delivery program: 1/2 HP, 90 VDC motor unit

Nearness switch dancer pub handle for more reliable film nourish rate control and corner payment

Two chain carriage raise process

Anti–stationary rollers

Area settlement

UL approved parts

Additional fuses

Remote control NEMA 12 electrical housing