The orbital wrapping machine wraps palletized and no-palletized merchandise with stretch film.

The orbital wrapping machine wraps palletized and no-palletized products with stretch film, even when they have extended sizing.

In order to reach the maximum customization based on clients needs, the vertical ring is available in different dimensions considering the products features and it is also possible to add some optional.

The only machine with mechanically-handled pre-stretch program that can be adjusted through the proprietor panel. It may reach an production ability of 140 pallets/hour or so. Film reels analyzing approximately 40kg could be attached inside the motorised prestretching trolley with consequent increase in machine autonomy regarding standard models .

The pre-stretch method modification parts do not turn with the ring however they are set about the composition. The film, cut and clamp securing system which allows wrapping of pallets with different and regular size

design constructed by Messersi Packaging, is their automated pallet stretch wrapper which includes a variable electro-magnetic friction looking at the cpanel. This gadget is actually a wrapping machine that lacks a comprehensive resolved measurements, to supply a rapid wrapping of palletized plenty of various designs and weight load.

Moreover, this Moby pallet stretch wrapper provides an optional reel bearer, motor-driven with pre stretch proportions and 5 pre established wrapping cycles.

The automatic horizontal strapping machine version OR60 equipped with strapping brain MS300 (Messersì patent), would work for your horizontal strapping of palletised products of most natures and styles (if required, the system can be tailor made for the customer’s particular demands). The requirement to ensure that the steadiness of your stress and also to alleviate stockroom storage and safety during move, all create the OR60 strapping machine an indispensable resource for correct item handling. This strapping machine can easily be loaded in totally automatic conveying facial lines and might be work without the need of the assistance of an proprietor. The system’s administration programme capabilities the opportunity of applying one or more bands, depending on the customer’s packaging requirements. The strapping machine method permits the deal being compacted on the two ends, from the mind along with the strap guideline motion. The best quality of the elements applied, the bare minimum program maintenance specifications as well as the highest reliability of its performance degrees, all make the OR60 horizontal strapping machine the best 1 for varied industries of business and craft.