The new item and wrapping

Kliklok Overseas will kick off wraparound cartoning system Certiwrap Elite at the PPMA Show 2014 in Birmingham, British.

The brand new product or service was created to deal with complex dish trays, tubs or cooking pot shapes in a variety of formats. The company claims how the system is fantastic for complete sleeves, wraparound sleeves, gusseted shelf and packs-completely ready show type cartons.

Built with a selection of twin or triple arm carton feeders for easy handling, Certi wrapping Professional is made to increase throughput charges on higher-pace facial lines. According to trip pitch, it can stretch package up to 300 cartons one minute.

By improving repeatability and avoiding operator errors when introducing new pack formats, a new eight-axes servo drive system helps reduce changeover times during operation.

By making it possible to access the equipment from either side of the machine, the system also improves access for both the operator and engineers. It can be purchased in a fill up scrub lower model, which provides protection of your wrapping equipment from dirt and drinking water ingress.

Kliklok handling director Neil Fowell stated: “It really is designed as an evolution of the previous types and brings together our technology knowledge gained over the past 50 years and drive for creativity to make a wrap-about cartoner that remains the main thing on carton and product manage although simplifying the establish-up procedure for producers.”

Kliklok says that the operator interface is built according to the latest industry standards, including full PackML version 3, the industry standard for machine software programming that enables easy interfacing and integration between machines.