The quality continuous sandwich solar panel creation machine

The Vintage Panel Laminating Line is system made up of just one module encompassing steel pressing, processing and gluing associated a number of available units for coil dealing with, solar panel stop solutions and also other pre and submit processing systems offered by MDI. This provides you with an incredibly compact panel machine for the producing of sandwich individual panels with EPS, Nutrient Wool along with other core materials in page structure.

The MDI Methods Timeless lines are an basic level creation panel packing machine system comprising of all primary laminating, central trimming and steel creating methods in just one lightweight model.

This system can include almost the total selection of MDI choices which can even be additional as being an up grade which include Trapezoidal Roofing Solar panels, Key Fix Joints Panels, Automatic Key Handling, numerous Coil Dealing with choices and many others, as needed.

This system has to be put together with coil coping with, a panel cutoff system and runout conveyors plus an extraction system like a lowest to be able to create solar panels. Please talk about sections on these things to finish the Classic Panel Machine to be prepared for panel production.

While this system is very comparable and capable for some other solutions out there the MDI Whole Collection Board Manufacturing System should be considered for top amount manufacturing of magic formula correct, particular roofing and nutrient wool cored sections particularly to the structural market.

The Vintage Range is made up of the following simple segments

Coil Dealing with – from fundamental coil owner designs towards the MDI whole overhung coil holder and coil packing vehicle

Timeless Module – which includes all characteristics of central trimming, stainlesss steel advantage and experience roll gluing, forming and pressing

Cut Off Module – quiet blade cutting, bandsaw or circular saw techniques

Resources Coping with and Automation Techniques – pending the lay features the system can include a variety of material and automation dealing with options which include solar panel stacking, central loading, roof structure solar panel upgrades, and so on..

A panel packaging machine for EPS PANEL


The arcuately curved wall surface amounts 43 are like the curved wall surface section I1 and are modified to become flexed just for applying parallel windows solar panels orpanes 44 with their sides disposed within the grooves 31 as demonstrated in Shape 5. If the windows solar panels or panes 44 are put, the arcuately curved walls 43 are flexed by means of a tool as displayed in Physique 4 to make the curved wall surface 43 in to the curved segment 4| of your launching or passageway 40 or by inflating the opportunities or passageways 40 as proven in Figure 4a to cause the wall space 43 being flexed and deformed to an expanded position whereupon the mouth 38 will be disposed from the pathway from the panes or solar panels 44 to allow the straightforward placement thereof.

In both kinds of the technology of panel packing, the arcuately curved walls l1 and 43 think a curved normal cause and position the securing mouth area I! and 38 to contactually take part the glass seal and panels the identical against the entrance of humidity and also Weather conditions. It can thus be observed that this arcuately curved wall space 43 and I1, during times of their unflexed or typical placement, push a force in the closing mouth area. I I2, 38 and I with out demanding the use of interlocking pieces or other devices for attaining this goal.

It is usually to be recognized that this sorts of the invention of panel packing herewith shownand detailed need to be undertaken as desired embodiments of the same and that different alterations might be created in the shape, arrangement and size of pieces without departing in the soul in the technology of panel packing or maybe the range of the subjoined claims.

A Few Things I state is:

1. A panel wrapping machine, comprising an elongated system section of elastic deformable material using a groove for getting the fringe of a panel associate, said entire body portion being entirely designed in cross-section and with a resilient groove wall surface to normally take part and frictionally gripthe fringe of explained panel fellow member, and explained physique section being provided with a longitudinally stretching out atmosphere-limited starting forming an elongated closed oxygen chamber disposed adjacent explained groove wall to allow flexing of said groove wall to result in deformation of mentioned groove and facilitate placement of explained panel member by which saidpanel will be irictionally locked in explained groove once the body portion is reconditioned to itsnormal long term cross sectional condition in response for the restorative push applied thereon with the oxygen pressure in mentioned air flow holding chamber.

2. A panel packing machine for weatherproofing the joints involving the nearby edges of a set of panel people, comprising an elongated system segment formed of rubber using a completely formed cross segment, said physique section simply being created with oppositely disposed longitudinally stretching grooves for receiving the nearby corners of panel people, and mentioned body portion getting provided with a longitudinally stretching starting possessing a reduced part extending involving stated lines along with an increased portion developing an arcuately curved wall portion adjusted to be deformed into stated opening to distort mentioned lines and aid the insertion and removal of explained panel participants.

3. A packing-and closing strip for weatherproofing the joints between the surrounding corners of a couple of panel people, comprising an elongated entire body portion shaped of silicone using a forever molded cross segment, stated physique segment getting established with oppositely disposed longitudinally extending grooves for getting the adjacent sides of panel associates; and mentioned physique segment getting provided with a longitudinally stretching opening developing a lowered segment stretching out among mentioned lines along with an increased segment forming an arcuately curved wall segment modified to be deformed into mentioned opening to distort’said lines and facilitate the insertion and removal of explained panel associates, mentioned lines simply being established with inwardly directed wall space to generally engage and frictionally traction the edges of mentioned panel people.

A panel packaging machine for EPS PANEL the joints

As a result, right after the glass panel has become put within the groove Identification of your closing strip 5, the closing lip I2 is caused to return to its regular securing position proven in Figures 2 and 1, either by withdrawing the device I8 of Physique 4 or admitting atmosphere to get rid of the vacuum within the passageway I3 of Physique 4, or by discharging compressed air through the passageway I3 of Body 4a. The window installing as a whole then seems as proven in Body 8.

While in installation, the wide open finishes of your passageway I3 in the securing strip 5 can be closed and created airtight by cementing or vulcanizing the alternative comes to an end in the securing strip 5 where by they abut each other, as demonstrated at 5a in Shape 8. It has also been identified possible to seal the passageway I3 sufliciently for that purpose of the current invention of panel packing just by cutting the securing strip into a size in excess of its essential size, by way of example about one quarter inches beyond required. When this overly long closing strip 5 needs in to the panel starting, the finishes 5a are compressed collectively by the strength in the closing strip 5, securing the joints between them.

Such as the invention of panel packing demonstrated in Numbers 5 to ‘7 comprehensive, the closing strip 30 is created by extruding rubber or any other appropriate material for the wanted shape. so as’to give a system portion 3| possessing a base wall 32 given a central slot 33 for receiving a rib 34 on a structure associate or maybe the like as at 35. The framework associate 35 may possibly constitute the channel portion of a home window opening up and it is furnished with downwardly extending flanges 36 as displayed in Body 5.

Your body section 3| of your sealing strip is provided with some window pane acquiring lines 31 arranged in parallel spread out connection and said lines have inwardly directed surfaces delivering sealing lip amounts 38 similar to the securing lip servings II and I2 of the panel wrapping machines proven in Numbers 1 to 4a inclusive. One side surfaces 39 of the closing strip are arcuately curved in cross portion and the entire body section 3| from the closing strip is provided with longitudinally stretching opportunities or passageways 40 experiencing compared interior curved wall surfaces 4 and 42. The interior curved wall surfaces 42 are molded to coincide together with the side wall space 39 in an attempt to kind an arcuately curved wall structure part 43 as demonstrated clearly in Physique

assisting transportation and storage of your modular panel-packing box

A modular panel-packing pack gets a plurality of sections, and contains a base, two partitioning units, a loop-formed around walls, and a leading include. Each one of the partitioning devices contains a socket and one or more partitioning fellow member. Any two nearby ones of your bottom, the plug, the partitioning member, the nearby walls, along with the leading cover are connected removably. Each one of the foundation, the plug, the partitioning participant, and the top protect is folded, and is unfoldable to create a level dish for facilitating storage and transportation of the modular panel-packing pack.

A modular panel-packing container tailored for getting a plurality of up-right panels, stated modular panel-packing container comprising:

basics including a base wall surface plus a foundation encircling wall surface stretching upwardly from your periphery of stated underside wall;

two very first partitioning units disposed removably on stated base walls and spaced in addition to one another, all of explained very first partitioning products including a very first outlet established by using a plurality of initially place slot machine games, and a minimum of one initially partitioning associate developing a plurality of first partitioning dishes each and every placed right into a corresponding certainly one of said initially put slot machine games in stated initially plug, stated initially partitioning plates understanding a plurality of initially spacer slot machine games, explained very first spacer slot machines in a of mentioned initially partitioning devices simply being in-line correspondingly with stated initially spacer slot machine games from the other of said very first partitioning units, in order that the panels are disposed in between explained very first partitioning people in stated very first partitioning devices, and extend correspondingly into explained first spacer slots in either of mentioned very first partitioning units;

a loop-shaped surrounding walls disposed removably on stated basic and surrounding explained initial partitioning models; and

a top-notch include hooked up removably to explained loop-molded encircling wall surface and adjusted for addressing higher ends in the sections;

whereby, all of explained bottom, said very first sockets and initially partitioning individuals explained very first partitioning units, and explained leading protect is folded, which is unfoldable produce a smooth plate when pulled from the rest of the percentage of explained modular panel-packing package.

2. The modular panel-packing pack as professed in declare 1, wherein all of explained very first sockets includes an elongated underside sheet abutting from stated base wall structure and increasing alongside a route perpendicular to stated initially put slot machine games, an elongated straight sheet stretching upwardly from explained bottom page and established with stated initial insert slots, two first side linens increasing correspondingly from two opposing comes to an end of mentioned bottom sheet away from the other, and 2 next area sheets stretching out correspondingly from stated initial side sheets far from the other, a junction between explained straight sheet and each and every of mentioned first aspect sheets simply being shaped having an put in slit, each of said 2nd part linens having an put projection placed into stated put slit shaped between mentioned straight page and an adjoining certainly one of mentioned first area bedding, to ensure that a related one of stated 2nd part bedding is flattened on the adjacent one among said first part bedding.

3. The modular panel-packing package as stated in assert 2, wherein all of mentioned initially partitioning members of mentioned first partitioning models incorporates a plurality of sets of first partitioning bedding, plus a plurality of initial spacer bedding each and every hooked up among two adjoining sets of explained first partitioning linens, each set of stated very first partitioning bedding simply being connected and flattened on the other to make one among stated very first partitioning dishes.

the factory making the panel packaging machine with film panel show solar panels

[16] As defined earlier mentioned, the current invention offers an panel product packaging range for horizontally packing a slender film exhibit panel, which is made in order that a stacking structure 100 and a sitting work surface of any seats phase 200, getting in touch with a received lean film show panel, are shaped to correspond to the slender film display panel to be able to safely and securely move and transport the panel, and which is created so the stacking structure 100 as well as the seating step 200 have various densities to face up to additional shocks. Thus, according to this invention, it is easier to handle and material costs are lower, thereby manufacturing costs are low and the panel packaging line is very economical, in comparison with a conventional packing box.

[17] Further, this creation fails to makes use of an additional protecting model to protect a push circuit that is supplied with a back surface of the thin film display panel M, as opposed to the before craft. Therefore, this innovation gets rid of side effect and inconvenience due to the using the extra guarding system, whilst properly acknowledging a panel packing functionality and completely absorbing shocks produced during very long-distance travel. A recess 210 is supplied to prevent interference with all the drive circuit Ml that is provided in the again surface of the lean film display panel, as a result stopping the drive circuit Ml from becoming damaged. [18] Moreover, it really is possible to variably change the volume of layered packing panel packaging linees. The present creation can do increasing the volume of slim film exhibit panels which may be stuffed in a packing panel wrapping line having a predetermined size, thus reducing the volume of shipments and transportation expenses.

Brief Description of your Drawings [19] FIG. 1 is a sectional view to show using a conventional packing container for panel packaging line a slender film display panel; [20] FIG. 2 is a perspective view to show an panel packaging line for horizontally packing a thin film display panel, according to an embodiment of the present invention; [21] FIG. 3 is really a perspective view to exhibit their state where the panel packing panel packaging linees on this technology are layered; [22] FIG. 4 is really a sectional see to indicate the state the location where the panel packing panel product packaging linees on this invention are layered; [23] FIG. 5 is a perspective view to show reinforcing pins which are provided on the panel packaging line for horizontally packing the thin film display panel, according to this invention; [24] FIG. 6 is a perspective view to exhibit the state the location where the panel packing panel product packaging linees obtaining the strengthening pins with this technology are layered; [25] FIG. 7 is really a sectional look at to demonstrate their state the location where the panel packing panel product packaging linees finding the strengthening pins on this creation are layered; [26] FIG. According to this invention; [27] FIG, 8 is a perspective view to show reinforcing bars which are provided on the panel packaging line for horizontally packing the thin film display panel. 9 can be a sectional view to indicate their state in which the panel packing panel product packaging linees getting the strengthening bars of this invention are layered; [28] FIG. According to another embodiment of the present invention; [29] FIG, 10 is a perspective view to show panel packing panel packaging linees which are laterally coupled to each other. 11 is a perspective view to show panel packing panel packaging linees which are laterally coupled to each other and are provided with reinforcing pins, according to another embodiment of the present invention; and [30] FIG. 12 is a partially cutaway perspective view to show panel packing panel packaging linees which are laterally coupled to each other and are provided with reinforcing bars, according to another embodiment of the present invention.

the production line creating the panel packaging machine with film panel display individual panels

This innovation permits the slender film exhibit panel being safely safeguarded using only the packing panel packaging collection alone without having to use further guarding system, unlike the previous art, as a result fixing the difficulties which may take place as a result of using the more safeguarding model, and decreasing an economical problem with a manufacturing organization which produces the slender film display panel as the half-done merchandise, for that reason maximizing value competitiveness.

[14] Yet another thing of this invention is to produce an panel packing range for packing a thin film display panel, that has a method for horizontally loading thin film panel packaging line screen individual panels and stacking the packed sections in multiple tiers, hence altering the size of your piled solar panels to match the height of any storage area of travelling signifies experiencing numerous heights, and that has a means for protecting the lean film exhibit panels with out a guarding model or a partition wall surface, contrary to standard packing bins, thus growing the amount of thin film show panels which can be bundled in one packing panel packaging line as a result minimizing the quantity of shipments and minimizing transport costs.

Technological Remedy

[15] In order to accomplish the object, the present invention provides an panel packaging line for packing a thin film display panel, including a stacking frame which is open at a center thereof, and a seating step provided inside the stacking frame such that the thin film display panel is horizontally seated thereon. Useful Consequences