Stretch wrapping machine within the MICROMASTER

A status-of-the-art work travel unit must be able to interconnect internal and external

signals (setpoint / true control and values / status transmission). This interconnection

In order to be able to adapt th, functionality must have a high degree of flexibilitye

generate to new applications. Further, a high standard of functionality is essential, which

meets standard software. This is why that within the MICROMASTER for stretch wrapping machine

group of push models, BICO technology (?ú flexibility) and speedy parameterization

employing guidelines P0700 / P1000 (?ú functionality) or P0719 (?ú combo

P0700/P1000) have already been released in order to accomplish both of these specifications.


Communications between your AOP and MICROMASTER are recognized making use of

the USS protocol. The AOP may be linked to the BOP weblink (RS 232) as

well as at the COM website link graphical user interface (RS 485) of your push inverter. In case the AOP would be to

be part of control supply or setpoint provider then for parameter P0700 or

P1000 for wrapper ring speed adjustment, either “USS on BOP weblink” or “USS on COM hyperlink” ought to be chosen.

The whole checklist of all of the setting possibilities may be extracted from the

parameter collection (make reference to parameter checklist P1000).

Guidelines P0700 and P1000 hold the subsequent normal options:

a) P0700 = 2 (terminal strip)

b) P1000 = 2 (analog setpoint)

In this instance, selecting the control resource is produced alone from the

choice of the frequency setpoint of the stretch wrapping orginal provider. Which means that the original source to enter the

setpoint does not have to match the origin to enter the power-on/strength-away

control (control supply). This implies, for example, the setpoint (P1000 =

4) might be connected with an external device which can be coupled to the BOP weblink

interface through USS and the handle ON/OFF control, and many others. is entered via computerized


Parameter P0719 symbolizes a mixture of the functions of these two

factors P0700 and P1000. Right here, it really is possible to changeover the control

resource along with even the consistency setpoint supply via a parameter alter.

Contrary to P1000 and P0700, for parameter P0719, the subordinate (reduce-stage)

Stretch wrapping machine BICO factors are certainly not transformed. This quality/feature is particularly made use of by

In order to briefly retrieve the control authority for the drive without havin, pC toolsg

to change existing BICO parameterization. Parameter P0719 “Selection of

command/consistency setpoint” includes the order resource (Cmd) as well as the

volume stretch wrapper setpoint (setpoint).