The pallet wrapping machine and relevant to overwrapping

This pallet wrapping machine can be a Single need to have Ingredient nourish Lockstitch Sewing machine with advantage trimming and bordering product. It can be traditionally used in quilting and home bedding page generation manufacturer. Greatly will save you time and manpower, improve the efficiency considerably. 


It is mostly utilized for Quilts, quilts, home bedding bedding to toned the advantage and make bordering with textile adhesive tape. It can be traditionally used for quilt and blankets , bedsheets linens, furniture bedding industrial facilities. It will make edge bordering and trimming a basic , great performance work than before. 

Very easy to function straightforward to keep and efficiency. 


Auto needle quit mechanism and auto presser foot up device , reduced user functioning stress and increases generation productivity. 

Float device, reduce the resistance in between heavy material and light, table and easy rotation on corner sewing.The pallet wrapping machine adopts

required vacuum dirt cleaning system , the spend of trimming can be ingested towards the dustbin and clean the working discipline.The machine

decreasing durability is incredibly substantial ,it may reduce heavy sewing corner and additionally, the wrapping machine does trimming , roll the boundary and bordering the product in a single shot rich in effectiveness. 

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Duration: 200m-2000m2.

Thickness: 300mm-500mm3.

Fullness: .01mm-.035mm4.Strech

amount: 150%-350Percent5.

Packing: 1Roll/Carton, 4Rolls/Carton , 6Rolls/Cartonpalletizers

pile a better high quality fill*

creation speed up*

a brand new technology of low price 

Release:The machine

is relevant to overwrap the light but higher cartons or cases ,or some irregular razor-sharp but heavy cartons or bundles, By wrapping the film, the appearance of bundled product is far more gorgeous , it can protect the cartons or instances in the leaking, moisture and dust or pollution , …etc, more and more businesses choose this machine to reduce any additional take in while in travelling . It relates to creating line and boost packing performance, decrease functioning intention .this machine is flexble to install,on the wall surface or compromise lower with carriage holds.

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