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aris hosts Emballage Entire world packaging exhibition November 17th to 21st exactly where Oriental packing RestrictedAndAcirc; will show the BX overwrapper wrapping a Herbal tea Carton.

A-300 pallet wrapper-dropshadowWe will likely be very happy to help guests on Remain G170 in Hall 5a in the Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte ┬ĘC France where our trade spouse Involtec will as always be exhibiting devices operating on goods that show AndAcirc; the ease of use and top quality of presentation attained on all our types.

AndAcirc; The whole BX array has become designed with the best manufacturing procedures in your mind. Validation quality and documents handle processes are supported by the HMI as well as the device-less speedy changeover of sizing pieces.

AndAcirc; Market sectors usually utilizing the BX are Pharmaceuticals Cosmetics and Tea where Dimension modifications are recurrent superiority place and performance of operation are inlayed working practices.

AndAcirc; Our employees on the stay will probably be pleased to explore our wide selection of models such as the TM Collection that may be so successful in European trading markets on cosmetic products simply because of its present / display standard overwrap.

recently delivered one among Russia’s most ancient established companies of confectionery products with a new pallet wrapping over wrapping machine. The stretch wraps the delicious chocolate bins for a price of 50 wraps per minute.

Overwrapping is ideally suitable for the wrapping of dark chocolate variety containers. It extends the shelf life of the product by providing a near hermetic seal and unlike shrinkwrapping there is no need to perforate the film to allow the film shrinking to take place. The overwrap also protects the product from damage or being tampered with once it has left the factory.

Overwrapping just uses a small amount of warmth to close off the film that has the two great things about shielding this product from injury and decreasing the electricity expenses related to the wrapping procedure.

The optional Chinese packing shrink tidying system can be added after the machine if a skin tight finish is required. If fitted, is still perfectly aligned around the pack. The shrink tidyer has applications across many industries, including tea and tobacco packaging, the shrink tightener uses moving heated top and bottom belts in contact with the wrapped box to produce a skin tight finish. The resulting pack has no film wrinkles and the tear tape. As well as being available as a stand alone unit, the shrink tightener can also be integrated into the overwrapping machine.