Stretch and packaging for Heating Shrink Wrapping machine

Total Automatic Warmth orbital Wrapping Machine for big fabric

Ideal Variety:

Product film orbital wrapping Temperature getting smaller – Whole intelligent

Be applied for multiple-row or solitary-row packaging of purified drinking water, zip-top rated can, alcohol, pharmaceutical, infusion package etc. Or may be directly employed for cartons of all sizes. Efficiency is dependable and production is great. Following packaging, product is great, compact, and beautiful.

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shrink wrapping machine for big size product auto

B.good appearance

C.very low ingestion

D.particularly for large dimension fabric

Whole Intelligent stretch film packaging machine

pplying shipped in PLC, that may management the machine immediately, with dependable performance, accurate management. Together with the potential of sorting and feeding cooling, bottles and shrinking shaping automatically. inductive move manage the giving of film, that may management the length of film minimizing the intake. Shipped in tranducer control to the show electric motor, which may can realize stepless velocity reguation.

1. Invert pace control.

2. Container entering, Automobile unscrambling package, Pushing package, Heating securing-Saw decreasing, PushingPE and Shrink, Chilling.

3. This machine is applicable atmosphere-mixing device in forcing container and warm closing-cool slicing. It uses smooth silk pulse seal off, the discovered teeth blade cuts, The unique heat seal-cool lower device, has confirmed the packing agglutination, dependable, and imaginative.

4. Auto unscrambling bottle’s appliance makes bottle shifting much more quickly and conveniently.

5. Supplying film system and the tensity voluntarily adjusts.

6. PLC programmable procedure manage method.

7. Double air blowers, warranties the temperatures balance inside the shrink cooker with PAD temp controller, that obviously will save you power.

8. It applies wing shape stainless steel heating system, that is tough for long time use.

9. The heatproof Bolivian filament specific fluorine dragon travelling web buckle is commonly used in shrink part to be sure the stable of travelling and high enhance use confirmation.

10. This machine applies invert pace handle world wide web buckle conveying system.

11. The elevation from the conveyer will be made towards client’s demand.

12. According to client’s deman the direction of bottle entering can be adjustedd

13, according customer ask for, could make the stainless-steel belt inside of the shrink tunnel and orbital stretch wrapper instead of plastic-type material buckle.