specially engineered products for volumetric

5000 can be a engineered gear for volumetric filling up of vast mouthed aluminum or plastic-type material storage containers with fluids or very low or moderate viscosity pastes, then strain closing of the individual includes. All the parts in touch with the item to get taken care of are made from stainless AISI 304.Pneumatically managed gear with regular piston for dosing capabilities which range from 300 cc to 5000 cc. By using a special piston and larger amounts by incorporating a stroke counter meter, capable of dosing smaller amounts. Showcased by straightforward cleansing and suitable for stuffing numerous items.

Practical characteristics:

– Overall performance: approximately 80ppm.

– Product or service proportions: maximum. size 150mm, max. level 100mm.

– Band measurement: optimum. 400mm.

– Reel: max. size 350mm.

– Packaging material: temperature-sealable film and frosty-sealable substance, polyethylene

– Machine excess weight: 600 Kg.

Electric capabilities:

– No. 2 brushless engines managed by specialized electronic control

– Programmable key pad for file format thickness management

– Temperature manage with electronic digital thermostats

– Power supply 400V – 50Hz – 3 Ph – Gnd

– Mounted power 5 kW


– Generating model

– No. 2 reel owners

– Air humidifier with trays for parchment pieces of paper

– Particular straps to the dairy food market

– Use of mozzarella loaders

We have been helping organizations build their manufacturing with good-technician packaging operations for over a decade.

We are able to say that we have attained significant contributes to the preservation of natural and organic foods, in the bakery and dairy food market sectors.

The newest packaging materials technological innovation placed on our specific aspects have empowered us to improve preservation instances for your clients’ food merchandise noticeably and increase their shares of the marketplace at the same time.

Electric functions:

– No. 2 brushless motors maintained by committed electrical manage

– Programmable key-board for formatting thickness administration

– Temperatures handle with digital thermostats

– Power source 400V – 50Hz – 3 Ph – Gnd

– Put in energy 5 kW


– Generating unit

– No. 2 reel holders

– Humidifier with trays for parchment pieces of paper

– Particular straps for that dairy food sector

– Application of mozzarella loaders