Robotic Palletizer and stretch wrapping machine


Auto palletizing robot

Box, can and bag bottle palletizing

Around 4 pallets at the same time

As much as 1500 Routine/hr

Automatic Palletizer provides creation amount sup to 15 periods a minute. Here is the handiest automatic palletizer in the school. Consuming only 2.3 KVA, it offers by far the most affordable alternatives when meeting average creation needs. 3E Automation gives turn important palletizing process including auto pallet giving, product coping with, palletizing and stretch hooding.

1.for rewinding tapes,pieces of paper,film and many others.

2.optimum. rewinding dia.: 300mm.

3.max. dia. of fabric: 1350mm

4.slitting pace: 100m/minutes


Appropriate for the rewinding of several time frame resources ,such as tapes,pieces of paper,film and defensive film and so forth.


(1) two-step span placing,accuracy winding span.

(2)Implement pneumatic paper pipe layout,paper tubing securely, loading and unloading simple ,quick,high


(3)Pneumatic silicone pulley,ensure that the premium quality of rewinding components,straightforward operation.

(4)Inverter factor velocity,smooth functioning.

(5)Automatic gauge lengthy,automated braking system ceases.

(6)Center area rewinding of inflatable shaft,with unilateral discharge composition ,rewinding

anxiety manage,simple adjustment.

The Guarantee Period of time for that deal equipment shall be twelve months from the next day following the stop of commissioning. In case the supplied tools are located being defective due to defective materials or skillfullness throughout the Warrantee Period of time, the Seller shall, at their own expenses, rectify or substitute defected area of the equipment,the transport payment to the change parts in the Seller’s manufacturer for the buyer’s nation will probably be borne by the owner, the transportation charge for the substituted components through the buyer’s nation for the Seller’s region will be the consumer. Wearing parts and damages as a result of inappropriate operations usually are not included in the Warrantee scale.

he machine continues to be intended for no plate, no cardboard case, packing with low priced within the procedures, it really is commonly used in meals, beverage, chemical and office sectors.