pushing the sticky strip in the stretch wrapping material.

I suggest to offer within a wrapping machine possessing roller method for rotating and supporting the cylindrical post to become wrapped, a carriage which happens to be movable longitudinally from the report to be covered and in timed relation with its rotation. Guide signifies are supplied around the carriage for supporting and guiding the wrapping material within the cylindrical write-up. Means, for instance a camera means, is supplied for changing the position of in clination in the guideline ways to the cylindrical article to be able that the steer of the spiral wrap might be modified. Speed changing path for altering the pace of longitudinal vacation in the carriage may also be supplied so the velocity of the carriage may then be diverse in primary amount for the transform of the position of inclination of your information signifies mounted on the carriage. Signifies are offered for promoting additional moves of wrapping material as a way that this finishes of your article to be twisted, which is regarded a roll of papers, may possibly receive strengthening wrapping material. This strengthening material is used like a direct wrap, which is, one out of which there is no lead or angle of spiral.

Crimper means are provided on the machine at the opposite ends of oneof the rollers supporting the roll of paper so that part of the wrap overhanging the end of the roll of paper may be pressed or crimped inwards in order to provide a protective layer of wrapping material on the flat ends of the roll.

Given that moves of papers may easily think about many tons,

ejector means are given for ejecting the roll of paper from your machine after it has been wrapped. Also presented is a tilting table to ensure the heavy roll of document could be quickly put into the machine inside the placement for wrapping. The technology will more clearly be recognized by talking about the related sketches which illustrate, by using case in point, a machine for wrapping big moves of pieces of paper, and from the following thorough description in the equipment. In the drawings:

1. In a machine for helically wrapping cylindrical articles with a Webbed wrapping material roller means for rotating and supporting the cylindrical article to be wrapped, a carriage movable longitudinally of said cylindrical article and in timed relation with the rotation thereof, guide means on said carriage for guiding said webbed wrapping material over said cylindrical article, cam means on said carriage for changing the angle or inclination of said guide means to said cylindrical article in order to vary the lead of the helical wrap, speed changing means for varying the speed of longitudinal travel of said carriage in direct proportion to the change of said angle of inclination, and means interconnecting said cam means and said speed-changing means so that adjustment of one Will effect a simultaneous corresponding adjustment of the other.