Program Installing

the trustworthiness of simply being one of the most inexpensive semi-auto equipment that you can buy. A fresh ergonomic durable design, with chains encased within the tower body, makes certain less hazardous procedure. Regular functions involve: lit adjustable (-7) Directed top & bottom part place counter tops, top overwrap control, anti-static film rollers, cycle pause, factor pace handles for carriage and turntable, improved image eye to see most dim lots, as well as EZ-Fill Powered Pre-Stretch, maximizing stretch film consumption.

The machine owner attaches the film on the pallet load and begins the stretch wrapping cycle .The EZ-LOAD? film pre-stretch element expands the film from 150% to 300Percent (200Per cent standard). If the wrap pattern is done, the instantly tears the film and attaches the tail to the packaged weight. The load has become weighed in the turntable through the 4 electrical stress cells that are part of the turntable which offer a computerized readout about the recipient constructed on the Control Panel. The pallet can be pulled from the turntable.

Process Parts (INCLUDED IN THE Foundation Cost)

Weighty-responsibility, welded steel design (no plastic solar panels) made for extended life

Eco-friendly Powder Covered paint

Wraps plenty up to 4000 pounds on 50 in. sq “High User profile” turntable for elevate truck accessibility

Varied turntable pace using ? HP, 90VDC motor with ANSI 50 sequence push process

Up to12 RPM turntable can produce 25-40 lots per hour


Remote lanyard to start out cycle

Changeable best and bottom part lit Brought cover surfaces from -7

Magnet closeness changes in place of mechanised reduce changes

Pattern pause feature and turntable jog handle

Top rated film more than place handle feature (TOC)*

Electrical film stress modification management on user interface

Self-sufficient up and down film carriage regulates with run up/down change

Handbook run management for turntable

Improved photograph eye for automated load level sensing of all the shade tons

Micrologix 1200 PLC Management Method employing UL/CSA accredited elements

* Permits the operator to adjust the volume of film around wrap over the top of the pallet. This gets rid of any slide or screwdriver change from the photograph eyesight.

FILM Delivery service Method

EZ-Load? film pre-stretch dispenser for 25 inches film rolls

Contra –static film rollers with manufacturer’s life-time warrantee

Film pre-stretch functionality from 150Per cent to 300% stretch element (200Percent standard)

Variable carriage increase to 21 ft . per minute

1/3 HP, 90VDC motor with ANSI 40 sequence elevate travel

Dancer nightclub factor part settlement

Image electric fill size sensing

Top rated film above place management feature (TOC)*


A number of fill cells built in the bottom weldment. (No add on aspect)

Readable Guided exhibit with precision digital indication and full numeric key pad

A number of changeable progressing pedestals

All metal computerized sign housing

RS-232 Program interconnection

Divided frame building

Program Set up

The Cover-N-Weigh up types are delivered as two items comprised of the tower segment and also the turntable/scale area. After placement, a simple disconnect connect joins the two sections together.

The turntable/scale section makes it necessary that the range pucks be built in to the inflexible attached stress cells and then the machine levels modified allowing the range to read correctly. Soon after plug in, the operator guidebook will explain the whole system startup. The size segment will self-calibrate during this period. As soon as the system is put in properly, it would serve as a freestanding unit.