Product or service description for coil packaging

Merchandise explanation:

According to customers’ products and processes change, the production line is mainly used side thruster packing way, the product can achieve automatic transmission, automatic shaping, automatic code cards, automatic molding, automatic packing and other functions, and can be adjusted. Suited to huge ability, high manufacturing performance of businesses, including ham, ice cream, muffins frozen treats producer.

Technological collection:

Applicable materialsPreparing speedOperatorAdjust componentsbodyweight

Plastic materialcoil packaging merchandise≥ 600 pcs / minutes1 particular personPlastic material item amounts3500kg

Gasoline resource functioning strainGas usagePotentialSizes (L × W × H)Procedure display

.5-.8MPa2500L/minutes<10kW 13970×6570×1950mm Graphic Operation Terminal (LCD touch screen) This coil packaging equipment is used in the electronics industry as full automatic control professional equipment. Mechanical structure for the production of a single element has seven dedicated electronic components. Widely used in a variety of production of electronic components. Equipment including racks, transport and driver single component assembly, testing, NG separation, sabot, control systems and security components.
The equipment main parts use of aluminum frame, multiple drive mode (motor, stepper motors, servo motors, cylinders, etc.) driving simultaneously, transparent safety protection system, PLC control, electronic alarm, so that the machinery harmless and dependable while in operation. Also no waste, no pollution, though equipment in production not only small noise.

Equipment functionality

Make 7 monomer parts put together in a total merchandise, plus goods analyze, move to your platter.

Functioning theory:

The style requires the principle system aspect as key system running, as soon as the physique component is relocated to another job device which one more factor is placed in to the physique component..


a. The modular style


c. Consumer-helpful layout