plastic material film stretch Wrapping machine

It really is a entirely automated L sealer,popular in pipelining benefit big number package with high work efficiency,mounted with pin golf hole system,adaptable film serving process and adjustable conveying table,meets diverse demands for many different items and it has a kissing device for packing the little products.

1.Adopts heat proof alloy cutter coated Teflon,contributes to good securing ,with out melting the film and any light up toxins.

2.Assembles one horizontal and another erect sensor to the front door towards the sealer you can actually switch over ,even for some slim items,also, it is easy to pack them.

3.The size of film providing,managed by wonder eye and countertop,also repairs an inductive engine for accumulating wasted film automatically.

4.When pack various sizes of items ,it is very easy to change,will not need to to switch any molds or any handbag creating gadget.

5.To pack various scale of merchandise together for product sales campaign effect.

6.Adopts OMRON digital heat controller with PID work,closing temp is extremely sensititive and exact,can established heat optionally ,the cutter alone carries a defensive functionality,prevent from problems these products.

7.The machine repairs an organic safty glass deal with,with alarm system operate,so the proprietor remains safe and secure.

8.The machine might be associated with the development collection, which can be no require further operators.

automated stretch wrapper

reel radial stretch wrapper

Machine release:

W Range Reel Wrapper is actually a machine made for packing moves of non-weaved textiles And fabric, pieces of paper , film and similar components made in reels .It is fantastic for radial wrapping individual roll or many rolls in spiral manner. Complete Humidity And Dust particles resistant packing can be accomplished by appropriate finish hats and guards these products.


Omron PLC management method, HMI (Individual Machine Interfaces) simple to function

Photoeye car sensing product breadth

Cover occasions might be predetermined

Film carriage speed and rollers rotation pace different adaptable by consistency changer

Each finish pneumatic tube to suit various roll breadth

Film Tension Handle realignment in the solar panel

Routine pause capacity

Security force-move emergency end button

Film carriage:

Powered pre-stretch system as much as 200Percent to minutes film consumption ( Prestretch ratio could be specifically created based your needs.

Film delivery service factor velocity by independent DC Push Motor unit

Film dancer-pub with factor rate result


Pneumatocyst Reel Ejection program

Pneumatic leading plate