Palletizing methods with wrapping

TopTier totally automatic palletizers are utilized all through industry by Fortune 500 businesses. Matchless easycost and use, small size, sturdiness, and layout mobility independent TopTier palletizers from all of other remedies.

Palletizers to accommodate any software

TopTier palletizers take care of bags, cases, bundles and buckets and trays. Versions can be found in both substantial and floor level infeed at rates from 10 to 80 instances a minute. TopTier provides each classic coating-create and automatic remedies. With TopTier’s special stretch wrap choice, plenty are automatically wrapped as tiers are deposited – without affect on throughput rates.

Superior-design palletizers

Patented innovations from TopTier provide price and size advantages by simplifying fundamental case layer build and case layer set down functions. The simple four-part lift system eliminates the expense and complexity of handling cantilevered tons.

Basic modular patterns for almost any requirement

Powerful laserlight-lower and CNC-created welded support frames

Several scenario metering and scenario turning remedies

Digital gapping of merchandise for coating pattern construct

A number of-sided coating conditioning and centering

Sizeable level build area for space patterns

VFD-handled engines

CE certified

Quality elements during, such as SEW-Eurodrive and Allen Bradley; other handle systems offered

Simple to use palletizers

TopTier palletizers merge the most recent advancements in machine control technological innovation using the easiest control user interface available on the market.

Shade touch-screen control user interface

EasyStack? design coding

Any pallet style

50 habits regular with growth available

Instantly transform styles from alphanumeric listing

All patterns retain unique build instructions

Complete fault messaging with easy rehabilitation

Palletizer accessories and options

TopTier offers options and accessories to meet any generation necessity. All extras are incorporated into the EasyStack manage system and operations are entirely automated.

Inline or right-direction product infeed

Tie up sheet, slip page, or pallet liner installation

Situation switching possibilities from easy lump-consider brands-out

Several pallet dispenser styles

, and wire mesh palletized stress conveyorsRoller and chain

Concurrent stretch wrapping

Oversized plenty to 60in x 60in levels and 110in taller

Stainless steel-steel construction accessible

Twin stacking and also other customized layouts readily available

Harmless palletizers

TopTier palletizers are made using a center on operator protection. Each and every device is completely enclosed by doorways, tunnels or light drapes monitored by obsolete contact protection relays.

Group III enclosure

Infeed security tunnel

Muting light curtain at fill exit

OSHA-certified lockouts

Tamper-resistant dietary fiber optic door interlock basic safety circuit

Palletizing techniques

A dedicated palletizer for each and every manufacturing line is much more reliable, less costly, simpler to preserve, and more versatile than typical solitary-point-of-failure alternatives. TopTier’s lightweight dimension and inexpensive enable committed palletizers in straightforward modular styles which need a lot less place and enhance long-term versatility.

Portable, accommodating palletizers

TopTier manufactures palletizers solely. TopTier designs are reinforced by decades of material dealing with machine and engineering building experience, which include robotic alternatives. When released inside the ’80s, robots have been the superior answer to legacy coating building palletizers for reduced to average pace apps. TopTier has recently transformed both coating building and robot palletizers with models which can besafer and smaller, evenly adaptable, and reduce charge to purchase and deal with than normal robots.

TopTier provides proven status-of-the-art palletizing solutions. Our branded technologies makes use of simplified and modular mechanised patterns for improved layout and reliability overall flexibility. Sector-top rated regulates structure provides unmatched simplicity. Contact TopTier for palletising alternatives that really work.