The inverters information in our horizontal stretch wrapper wrapping machine control

Floowing is the information about the inverter data and information iw our horizontal stretch wrapping machine.

Avoiding Electro-Magnetic Disturbance (EMI)

The inverters in our pallet stretch wrapping machine. are designed to function in a commercial environment when a substantial

level of EMI may be expected. Normally, very good set up techniques will ensure harmless

and problems-free functioning. If you encounter problems, follow the guidelines stated


Motion to consider

Make certain that all products in the office space is properly grounded making use of simple, dense

grounding cable attached to a typical star stage or busbar

Be sure that any handle devices (such as a PLC) attached to the

inverter is attached to the exact same floor or superstar position as the inverter by way of a

simple dense hyperlink.

Link the come back ground through the engines operated through the inverters directly

to the ground relationship (PE) on the connected inverter

Smooth conductors are favored as they have reduced impedance at better


Terminate the stops from the cable nicely, making sure that unscreened cables are as

quick as is possible

Different the control cable connections from the energy wires as far as possible,

using separate trunking, if necessary at 90o to each other.

Anytime you can, use screened prospects for that relationships for the handle


Ensure that the contactors within the office space are suppressed, both with R-C

suppressors for Air conditioning contactors or ‘flywheel’ diodes for DC contactors installed to

the coils. Varistor suppressors are also powerful. This is significant once the

contactors are handled in the inverter for stretch wrapping machine.relay

Use screened or armored cabling for your engine connections and ground the

display screen at each ends utilizing the cable clamps


Protection rules must not be jeopardized when setting up inverters adopted in canbinat of our professional stretch wrapper!

Gland Dish

The Gland Plate System is supplied for an solution. It permits easy and efficient relationship

in the essential evaluating. Start to see the Gland Dish Set up Instructions contained

in the Docu-Disc.

Screening with no Gland Plate

Need to a Gland Plate not accessible, then your inverter could be screened utilizing the

strategy proven in Fig

MICROMASTER drive inverters work with good voltages for stretch wrapping machine.

When electrical gear is operated, then certain elements of this products are

at unsafe voltage levels.

Urgent switching-off of devices in concurrence with EN 60204 IEC 204 (VDE

0113) have to remain practical in all functioning methods in the management system. When

the Unexpected emergency changing-away device is reset, then its not permissible the

devices works-up once more inside an uncontrolled or undefined way.

In cases and situations exactly where short-circuits from the handle product can result in

important substance injury or even significant body trauma (i.e. possibly

unsafe short-circuits), then extra outside steps or

In order to ensure or force operatio, devices/equipment must be providedn

with no prospective hazards, regardless of whether a quick-circuit takes place (e.g. unbiased

reduce switches, mechanized interlocks etc.).

Specific parameter configurations could mean that this generate inverter of horizontal stretch wrapper instantly

restarts following the power supply voltage breaks down then returns.

The motor parameters must be precisely configured in order to ensure perfect

motor unit overload security for each pallet wrapping machine.

The drive inverter provides internal motor overload protection according to

UL508C, Section 42. Also talk about P0610, P0611 and P0335 – I2t is enabled in

the normal setting.

This gear is appropriate for utilize in a circuit able to supplying not a lot more

than ten thousand symmetrical amperes (rms), for a maximum voltage of 230 V /

460 V when shielded by an H, J or K kind fuse, a circuit circuit breaker or selfprotected

mixture motor control (for additional information see Appendix F).

entirely automatic pallet wrapping machine 2014


completely automatic pallet wrapping machine would work to pack numerous item.

1. CE Certification

2. Easy functioning

Creation Specification

1.Dual electric motor, dual Panasonic transducer and PLC controller,flexible travelling bag duration establishing and decreasing,saving time and film.

2.Man-machine convenient, interface and quick parameter adjustments.

3.Self analysis malfunction functionality, failure shown obviously.

4.Great delicate eye electronic coloration mark tracking system and electronic insight lower position, which make the sealing and slicing better.

5.Divided PID management system for temperature, suited to a variety of packing components.

6.Preventing the machine in picked placement, no adhering around the knife with no waste materials of the film.

7.Simple traveling system, trustworthy functioning, practical routine maintenance.

8.All controled by program, convenient for operate changing and improving.


Affect the packing of various kinds of goods with standard form in numerous sectors,like food,computer hardware,medical products,everyday use products,immobile,playthings,resort items,digital goods and so on.

Optinal additonal system:

1: Particular date coder

2: Automatic Punching Product

3: Full Stainless steel

4: Touchscreen

5: air satisfying product

6: Release the atmosphere

7: Gusset device

8: No bare handbag operate

9: Customized closing patterns and notch

10: Automatic feeder

stream packing machine

Technical Parameter



Film breadth


Travelling bag span


Handbag thickness


Merchandise height

Maximum. 65mm

Film roll diameter

Optimum. 320mm

Packing amount




Machine dimensions


Machine high quality



seed packing analyzing horizontal stretch wrapper

straightforward stuctrue ,

stable efficiency ,

straightforward operation

Seed packing weighing horizontal stretch wrapper

1 .Mostly aspects of seed packing evaluating machine- pallet stretch wrapper

220 primary generator : touch screen , handbag generating,

meals weightlifting elevator: Huge bucket material hoist, automobile weightlifting the natural powder up to the hopper.

glass metering device: gauging accurately

productivity conveyor

2. Fuction of seed packing weighing horizontal stretch wrapper

Automated providing , weighting, bag forming, date publishing, product or service production.

3.Function of seed packing evaluating horizontal stretch wrapper
straightforward stuctrue ,

stable overall performance ,

effortless procedure ,

convenient routine maintenance .

handbook pallet wrapping machine for strapping

Packaging And Delivery service

Packing Depth: wood made circumstance for handbook pallet wrapping machine

Shipping and delivery Detail: inside of 5 days after acquiring your settlement


1) manual pallet wrapping machine

2) Very easy to run.

3) Good quality

guidebook pallet wrapping machine

merchandise information

The guidebook pallet wrapping machine to use the Arrow may be the company designed exclusively

for big-level pallet body weight from the auto strapping equipment, merchandise with steady

functionality, energy-efficient, durable and strong.

Use this operate to conquer the hefty hand of sizeable pallets loaded gradual, bad packing

impact of problems and efficiently increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the bundles

of products, following strapping the pallet may be quicker and safely carry; traditionally used

in the production, other, business and trade places.

handbook pallet wrapping machine is much easier to maintain than hand tools,

simple operations, more cost-effective price ranges.

? Overview Variables




L1872XW550XH 1536mm

When sword is down

Weight (world wide web.)




To get stipulated



Being specific

Straps width


To become specific

Straps dispenser


To be given

Electric powered consumption


Closing level


Height from surface

Min. package level


Level from flooring

The pneumatic Animal strapping/wrapping machine is applicable to employed inmetallurgy and steel,

developing supplies, etc.

2.This mobile strapping/wrapping machine for Family pet can also be appropriate for a myriad of plastic buckle.

3.Constrictive, adhesive, minimize at one time to perform, effortless functioning.

4.The portable wrapping machine’s constrictive push is highly effective, the most significant can get to 2800 N.

5.Tensioning,Adhesion&closing,reducing complete at once,an easy task to operate

6.strong tensioning potential and suitable for metallurgy, iron and steel, developing components sectors

7.simple use,fail to function properly, adaptable in hard functioning problems

8.Inexpensive,use resistance.

9.This pneumatic strapping/wrapping for Family pet is probably the most popular in the mainland.

the STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINE with Film carriage Travel


Intelligent stretch pallet wrapping devices

Turntable Diameter: 1650mm

Packing efficency 20-40loads/hour or so

Manual/ auto change

TP1800F-PL automatic stretch pallet wrapping equipment.

Stretch wrapping models are used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. Film gives added support while the merchandise is being transferred & storaged to protect them from hint, spillage or from being destroyed. Additionally , twisted plenty could be divided and discovered. Stretch pallet wrapper is popular in compound sector electronic sector developing supplies appliances for the home papermaking foodstuff And ingest and so on.

Practical factors.

Packing Height: 2000mm.

Turntable Diameter: 1800mm,Level: 625mm.

Packing efficency 20-40loads/hour.

Turntable pace -12rpm.

Turntable reloading(max) 2000kg

Film carriage system Pre-stretch wrapping machine .

Up-down framework Heavy duty dual-sequence carriage raise ,relax and safty

Manage system PLC control..

Machine weight 700kg

Potential/voltage .75kw,AC220V/.75kw

Machine Specs could possibly be fulfilled

Control System.

PLC manage

Picture-eyes automobile-level sensing pallet height

Individual best ,bottom part And up-downward Wrap Countertop choices

Overwrap time is up to create an overwrap .

Enhance wrap instances is defined to better secure 2 loads placed on top of the other.

Film Anxiety Control realignment about the solar panel .

Separate start, pause and emergency stop control buttons.

Energy signal.

Guide carriage up/straight down .

Variable Turntable Rate

Carriage up/lower speed handle

Manual/automated exchangeable


1800mm Diameter Structural stainlesss steel platter

625mm Elevation ground to surface of turntable

Turntable push

-12rpm varied turntable of stretch wrapper velocity by volume changer

Position turntable alignment .

Soft start

Film carriage

Run pre-stretch system as much as 250% to minutes film usage .

Carriage front door starts for trouble-free roll thread and change film

Film delivery variable pace by independent DC Generate Engine

Electrical film stress handle realignment on board.

Film dancer-pub with variable rate productivity

Film carriage Push

Heavy-duty dual-chain stretch wrapping carriage lift, calm and safety

Film carriage variable speed by consistency changer

Primary factors and electric overall performance qualities of the main elements


1year totally free spare parts.

Closing and reducing time: .6 2nd

Precise and synchrony transmission motion

Specialized Specification

Packing form: (or designated packing spec ) Packing velocity: 12pcs/min-25pcs/min

Appropriate box design: spherical box,PE bottle,compartment external diameter: 40~110,size : 60~340mm rounded or quadrate box.

Primary performance features

Small Andartistic condition,The frame is new, unique.

Digital induction providing film, motion is well balanced and quickly exchanging film.

Isothermal closing cutter .The close power is earlier mentioned air conditioning securing cutter 3 time, the seal is even and the life is previously mentioned air conditioning securing cutter 80 times.

Transfer system with speed control by frequency variety, the transmitting action is exact and synchrony .

The shrinkage chamber makes use of centrifugal energy air flow system, setup is reasonable, warmth insulating material warmth preservation, thermostat precision is substantial as well as the packing result is way better.

Temperament : SIMENS,LG and TAIAN,UNIQUC,NORGEN ect advanced management component worldwide, Effectively-outfitted.

We certainly have skilled support staff, with commissioning and maintenance practical experience is a lot more than 5-ten years

2. We honest persistence for customer service, to safeguard the pursuits of customers with all the best right after-income support (hotline 2 days to supply tech support.)

3. We certainly have workplaces in Guangzhou, supplying in Guangdong and surrounding provinces services.

4 Three days total the STRETCH wrapping machine on-web site commissioning and installation work

5. Responsibility for the entire 12 months free of charge warranty components

Is very suitable for most the sectors exporting products in huge amounts.Composite Fabric Mills can make use of this machine for inside transportation of Yarn from Rotating to Weaving portion.Pros like cost savings in work expense, with time considered for loadin&unloading,lucidity of products for customs-examination,dampness&airborne dirt and dust confirmation packing and so on.,entice the two exporters&importeres.

1. Completely intelligent machine for wrapping pallets using stretch hang on film

2. Durable turntable for all commercial programs

3. Tough mast and machined information methods of directing the stretch model

4. Lightweight stretch wrapping machine with modify equipment to change stretch percentage

5. Suitable for a variety of stretch film material 6. Modular in construction

the STRETCH WRAPPER PALLET machine for yourself

STRETCH PALLET WRPAPER is definitely an updated development with the all-in-1 useful design and style supplying individuals who could require the usage of bundle stop, area squarer and rear press paddle in package stacking all at once. CS4 is a new advancement that incorporates superior options that come with other squaring types in a. By helping bundles aligned neatly and located precisely before strapping, it is also suitable to be utilized in the existed horizontal conveyor system.

quick specifics:

* 4-sided pack squaring operate

For people who favors the included function of pack end, area squarer and back end push paddle in pack stacking, this is actually the machine for you personally.

Matrix incorporated strapping options are a big selection of strapping equipments. It types the building blocks in our new remedy-centric strategy to packaging industry.

Composed of about three machines, Matrix meets the needs across the range.

For individuals who has high-speed In-range desire,

Matrix 88AR/Abdominal (rate 60 straps/minutes, band thickness 5~15mm offered ) may be the machine for yourself.

For individuals whichhas high speed away-series desire,

Matrix 86 (speed 50 bands/min, straps size 5~15mm readily available ) is the machine to suit your needs.

For individuals who has common In/away – range demand,

Matrix 85/(AR/Abs) (pace 35 bands/minutes, straps thickness 5~15mm offered ) is the machine to suit your needs.

Why Matrix?

Possibly get sick and tired of stocking diverse parts for various strapping models?

What if a definite aspect can be utilized interchangeably among machines?

Imagine if an engineer can correct two other devices with only the know-how of a single?

What happens if… Feel the incredible, the remedy which has all this, Joinpack Matrix Collection.

Want to know more? You should give us a call right away or Get more information at more info.

Smart palletizing robot stretch wrapping machine

Wrapping & Delivery service 

Packing Fine detail: as CUSTOMER’s ask for 

Delivery service Details: 15-20 Time 


Smart palletizing robot wrapping machine may be the new potential for the introduction of contemporary logistics chain .Robot palletizing

appropriate for the reduced cost and space spending budget equipment plan.Palletizing robot come with an exceptional parameter performance in work space, vibrant express and repeatability, and so on. 

Smart palletizing robot may be the new strength for the creation of modern day logistics chain .Preserving labour costs for developing enterprises, upgrade the product packaging travel pallet systems, it’s the greater number of speedy, more potent, a lot more secure output of the high volume offline material.1.The palletizing

mechanised arm capacity is higher than technical stacker manpower and crane.2.

The dwelling is very easy, therefore the failing rates are very low, straightforward routine maintenance, maintenance.3.

Much less main composing accessories and parts, so maintain expense is really low.4.

Lower power usage, conserve vitality and cost, energy ingestion is approximately 20Per cent from the mechanical stacker crane.5. Palletizing robot

hands can be set up in the thin room, high effectiveness of site use and versatile software.6.

Each of the handling can be function by touch the display of control cabinet, operations is simple.7.

The application of the palletizing technical left arm is very flexible, 1 machine left arm are designed for up to 6 generation collections concurrently of several goods.When product or service changes, merely feedback the brand new details, may be work soon after recalculate, no require set and renovate the hardware, equipment yet again.8. Will autoprompting the maintenance of your axial slipping component.9 . Servo

motor synchronous belt transmitting construction simple to sustain, lower running price. 

The merchandise,possessed proprietary cerebral residence rights,was independently researched and developed by ourselves.This product is surely an automated creation line with all the integrated purpose of straightening,decreasing and aligning,which could straighten and minimize 2 components of coiled rebar simultaneously.They may be widely used from the filed of rebar processsing industries. 

Product or service functions:1.

Use process straightening to enhance the straightening effect.2.

Apply hydraulic compaction to generate effective compaction,ensure the synchronized functioning in the twice collection rebars.3.

Great productivity double range straightening.4.Arc

designed material getting mechananism is good for the package up of completed merchandise.5.The straightening pulley

consists of great responsibility alloy with the highlights of higher hardness,very good rough resistance and lengthy assistance lifestyle.6.With hydraulic

slicing,the reducing ability is potent and reliable.7.

Management system: panasonic PLC, panasonic touchscreen, HuiChuan servo motor.

The pallet wrapping machine and relevant to overwrapping

This pallet wrapping machine can be a Single need to have Ingredient nourish Lockstitch Sewing machine with advantage trimming and bordering product. It can be traditionally used in quilting and home bedding page generation manufacturer. Greatly will save you time and manpower, improve the efficiency considerably. 


It is mostly utilized for Quilts, quilts, home bedding bedding to toned the advantage and make bordering with textile adhesive tape. It can be traditionally used for quilt and blankets , bedsheets linens, furniture bedding industrial facilities. It will make edge bordering and trimming a basic , great performance work than before. 

Very easy to function straightforward to keep and efficiency. 


Auto needle quit mechanism and auto presser foot up device , reduced user functioning stress and increases generation productivity. 

Float device, reduce the resistance in between heavy material and light, table and easy rotation on corner sewing.The pallet wrapping machine adopts

required vacuum dirt cleaning system , the spend of trimming can be ingested towards the dustbin and clean the working discipline.The machine

decreasing durability is incredibly substantial ,it may reduce heavy sewing corner and additionally, the wrapping machine does trimming , roll the boundary and bordering the product in a single shot rich in effectiveness. 

We provide free example*

We now have twenty four hours on-line service and assist to resolve issues*

Our business have got a complete QC quality countral system to make sure good quality goods*

We have been production line therefore we can offer the most preferential price for buyers*

We have been working for 7years and possess skilled technology and rich practical experience 

Duration: 200m-2000m2.

Thickness: 300mm-500mm3.

Fullness: .01mm-.035mm4.Strech

amount: 150%-350Percent5.

Packing: 1Roll/Carton, 4Rolls/Carton , 6Rolls/Cartonpalletizers

pile a better high quality fill*

creation speed up*

a brand new technology of low price 

Release:The machine

is relevant to overwrap the light but higher cartons or cases ,or some irregular razor-sharp but heavy cartons or bundles, By wrapping the film, the appearance of bundled product is far more gorgeous , it can protect the cartons or instances in the leaking, moisture and dust or pollution , …etc, more and more businesses choose this machine to reduce any additional take in while in travelling . It relates to creating line and boost packing performance, decrease functioning intention .this machine is flexble to install,on the wall surface or compromise lower with carriage holds.

Whole Autoamtic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine For Refreshment

Features of Chinese pallet stretch wrapping machine1.

Simple handy2.Rotary

dinner table3.

automatically test the level4.

Convert dinner table size : 2000pallet wrapping machine

Whole Autoamtic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine For Refreshment 

Taking on programmable control(frequency converter),reputable in overall performance, practical 

In operation; The lapping time and type may be made on customers’requirements. 

Equipped with a photoelectric detector, instantly tests the products level and managing the traval restriction.Rotary

kitchen table can reset immediately, hence guaranteeing correctin-and out place of the holder. Practical in film roll Substitute,LLDPE film with outside the house size. <280mm, width<500mm and paper core 76mm can be used.
Custom-mode specification is available and also providing a complet set of packing system of
promoting line. 

Percent of pre-strech: 25Percent 

Popular diminishing packing machine includes seven actuating motor unit. Through cooperation involving the 7 actuating electric motor to create The item loaded with plastic-type material film and lots of containers as being a group of people appear out from the hot shrinking packing machine.Stretch film


Packaging, carton or pallet wrapping yourself or machine, for mass things of steadyingAndbundling,defense. 


Utilizing 5-level Co-extruded machine develop stretch film is offered with maximum excess weight is 55kgs/roll, Paper central might be 1-3” for the selecting. we have been offering OEM and ODM service, and provide premium quality goods to you personally appropriate.1.Your inquiry

linked to our itemAndcost will be replied within 24hours.2.

EffectivelytrainedAndexperienced employees are to answer all your inquiries in English language obviously.3.

Functioning time: 8: 00am-5: 30pm.4.

Your business relationship with us will likely be personal to any 3rd party. 

If you got question, 5.Good after-sale service offered,please get back.

Levels Co-extrusion Stretch Film wrapping Machine

Packing & Delivery 

Packaging Detail: Seaworthy Package 

Delivery Detail: 1 month 

SpecsStretch Wrapping/

Hang on Film Machine1.

higher production,steady good quality2.

large appropriate range3.

reliable and durable 

Comprehensive Merchandise InformationStretch Wrapping/

Stick Film Machine1.

substantial result,secure high quality2.

large appropriate collection3.

reliable and durable 

A few Levels Co-extrusion Stretch Film wrapping Machine 

plastic material stretch film machine: This system employs LLDPE as primary material and adopts numerous kinds of resigns to produce the only/doubleaspect personaltacky stretch wrapping film,the film has good tensile strength,contra –-pricking ablilty and affect energy.its good getting smaller memory space self and functionsticky can certainly make products dependability to prevent items from collapsing and loosening throughout travel and simply being dirty by dust.the openness and tensile power with this product could make the wrapping wonderful,economical and functional,the film could be traditionally used in wrapping of pelletized items,it?ˉs an effective substitude for very hot diminishing packing film in the course of travelling. 






Attach size75mm

65mm x2


75mm x2



ratio of attach30: 1

30: 1

30: 1

30: 1

30: 1

width of pass away brain1250mm





thickness of concluded goods1000(500X2)





mmthichness of

completed goods.008-.05mm





composition of film layers_





Maximum outpu60-80kg/h