The equipment of orbital stretch wrapping machine 9


The current technology as embodied herein and detailed previously mentioned, enables completely automatic wrapping of lots at a drastically decreased expense and in an extremely effective way. The simpleness of the equipment and its operate will allow current rotary stretch wrapping machine to be retrofit to get completely automated. By using the rotation of the turntable to facilitate thegrasping and releasing, and cutting of the packaging material, the need to supply power through the rotatable turntable of the turntable assembly to the packaging material holder and the need for expensive timing circuits is eliminated.


It really is designed that the present innovation protect all modifications and variations with this technology that can come within the range in the appended orbital stretch wrappers.

A technique of wrapping a load (124) with packaging material (116), comprising:

grasping a respected conclusion (30) of packaging fabric (116) using a packaging fabric owner (110) placed on a rotatable turntable (122) and isolated from the electric or substance source of energy of by the rotatable turntable (122);

dispensing packaging substance (116) from a packaging substance dispenser (102) and rotating the turntable (122) to cover packaging fabric (116) around the edges of the fill (124);

immediately discharging the key conclusion (30) from the packaging materials (116) from your packaging fabric owner (11 a): and

immediately grasping a trailing conclusion (32) in the packaging materials together with the packaging substance holder (110) at the level upstream in the top rated conclusion;

? ?? described for the reason that the method contains collapsing the net of packaging materials (116) prior to immediately grasping the trailing end (32) of packaging materials (116).

The process of orbital stretch wrapper 1, recognized because instantly grasping consists of grasping the packaging fabric (116) with jaws (112,114) and also the immediately discharging involves issuing the packaging materials (116) through the jaws (112,114).

The equipment of orbital stretch wrapping machine 8

Rotatable turntable stretch wrapping machine actually starts to rotate and packaging substance 116 is dispensed from dispenser 102 about weight 124. Wheel 41 engages the lower edge of the packaging material, ensuring that the packaging material passes over packaging material holder 110 and does not become caught on it, as packaging material 116 passes over packaging material holder 110. This helps prevent a “tenting” outcome and enables small wrapping of the weight. Fill 124 is spirally twisted with packaging substance 116 as dispenser 102 moves vertically together mast 104 because the family member rotation is supplied.

See Fig, as the load is wrapped and rotatable turntable 122 enters the last rotation of the wrapping cycle. 6, a pin 130 attached to a no-turning section of turntable assembly 120 is actuated from the controller, moving coming from a no-erect placement to an upright placement. As the turntable 122 rotates, pin 130 engages engaging element 134 of cog 132, located on top of rotatable turntable 122 of turntable assembly 120. Pin 130 triggers cog 132 to go upstream (inside a direction opposing to this of your rotation) across the leading work surface of rotatable turntable 122 of turntable set up 120 as rotation persists.


As cog 132 moves, the movement causes cam follower 158 to move up onto the top of ramp 150, to the start of downstream path 152. When camera follower 158 moves to the very top of ramp 150, jaws 112, 114 open, instantly releasing major finish segment 30 of packaging materials 116 (see Fig. 7). In addition, dispenser of stretch wrapping machine is shut down to pressure the film involving load 124 and dispenser 102.

As cog 132 moves, it drives jaws 112, 114 downstream along a downstream path 152 of ramp 150. At the same time, scooping aspect 140 actually starts to shift from a retracted situation to a vertical placement, scooping a trailing stop 32 of packaging material 116 in a rope 118. As stretch wrapping machine still shift downstream, they stay open up, getting trailing end wrapper of packaging materials 116 created into rope 118 as scooping aspect 140 gets to its full up-right place (see Fig. 8). As cog 132 reaches the upstream end of packaging material holder 110, cam follower 158 reaches the end of path 152 and rolls off the end of ramp 150, causing jaws 112, 114 to automatically clamp shut on and grasp trailing end 32 of roped packaging material 116.

The apparatus of orbital stretch wrapping machine 8

As embodied herein and displayed in orbital stretch wapping machine, a packaging materials weakener is provided for weakening the packaging material 116 between your load 124 and the dispenser 102. The packaging fabric holder 110 ideally includes a cutter 142. Cutter 142 may include an compared decreasing component, like scissors, or even a single slicing element for instance a razor blade. Cutter 142 is connected to an actuation lever 144 which moves with jaws 112, 114. Actuation handle 144 is moveable from a free position as well as a get in touch with place. 114 move along downstream path 152, jaws 112, 114 open, automatically releasing packaging material 116, scooping element 140 moves upward to scoop the lower edge of the web of packaging material 116 into a rope 118, and actuator lever 144 moves from the free position to the contact position, as jaws 112. When actuation handle 144 is incorporated in the contact position, cutter 142 is stimulated to diminish packaging substance 116 by cutting no less than a part of the website of packaging materials 116, such as the rope 118 of packaging fabric 116.

The apparatus may include means for securing a trailing end of packaging material to the load, according to one aspect of the present invention. The means for securing includes a film wipedown mechanism for wiping a film tail onto the load after the packaging material has been cut, as embodied herein. As demonstrated in Fig. 1, the film wipedown system 180 consists of wipe loops 182 along with a wipe left arm 184. This allows a film tail to get wiped to load 124 because the packaging materials 116 is cut.

Other cutters and wipedown preparations may also be used.

According to the present invention is shown in Figs a method for wrapping a load. 5 – 11. As demonstrated in Fig. 5 and according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention, a load 124 is conveyed by a conveyor 118 to a turntable assembly 120 in the wrapping station and load 124 is positioned on top of rotatable turntable 122 of turntable assembly 120. Jaws 112, 114 of packaging material owner 110 keep a leading finish segment 30 of the roped sheet of stretch wrapping packaging material 116, if at all possible stretch cover packaging fabric. Cog 132 is positioned in a downstream stop of packaging materials owner 110, and jaws 112, 114 are positioned on the upstream finish of packaging materials holder 110, and camera follower 158 is placed on the upstream part of ramp.

The apparatus of orbital stretch wrapping machine 7


Other mechanized motions which includes a variety of combinations of technical or power units could be used to trigger movement and opening and closing of jaws 112, 114. On the other hand, turntable 122 might not exactly rotate whilst the packaging material is immediately released and grasped from the packaging fabric holder. In this circumstance, packaging fabric owner 110 could be operated from a separate source of energy such as a engine located on to the ground or near to the turntable.


According to one aspect of the invention, a roper may be provided for forming a rope of packaging material. “roping” packaging material means rolling or twisting or collapsing a portion of the web of packaging material 116 to shape it into a rope-like form, as discussed herein. To be able to withstand a starting push while in wrapping, at least 20Percent of the online of packaging substance 116 needs to be organised with the packaging materials owner. As an example, a web of packaging substance 20 or so (20) ” substantial could have a several (5) or six (6) in . portion formed in a rope. This permits the jaws 112, 114 to take part a rope 118 plus a part of the online of packaging material 116, as opposed to retaining just a little portion of the packaging material 116 involving the opposite areas. As found in Figs. 1 and 2, jaws 112, 114 can understand a significant go across area of the website of packaging fabric 116 when this has been roped. This provides the lower portion of the internet of packaging materials 116 among jaws 114, dispenser and 112 102 the triangular design seen in Figs. 1 and 2. As embodied herein and demonstrated in Fig. 4, the roper involves scooping aspect 140, which is connected to and moveable with jaws 112, 114 of packaging material holder 110. scooping, 114 and 112 aspect 140 shift along downstream pathway 152, they move from your flat situation with an erect place, as jaws 112. It captures the web of packaging material 116 and rolls the packaging material 116 into a rope 118 as it moves into the full upright position, as scooping element 140 changes position.


While the current invention, as embodied herein, relies on a scoop for roping, it really is probable to employ a wheel to roll the lower fringe of the stretch wrapping machine packaging materials upward produce a rope of packaging material or to utilize a combination of a scoop and a tire. On the other hand, other means for instance a ramp are often used to gather the packaging substance jointly to make a rope.


A positioner can be supplied for passing the packaging material across the packaging materials holder in the course of wrapping. As embodied herein and shown in Figs. 4 and 3, the positioner for transferring the packaging substance around packaging fabric holder contains tire 141. Tire 141 moves a cheaper side of packaging substance 116 as it goes by around tire 141, picking up it above packaging materials holder 110. Thus it triggers packaging material 116 to successfully pass above packaging substance owner 110, preventing the tenting effect of owners within the prior art work.

The device of orbital stretch wrapping machine 6


Packaging material holder 110 is mounted on the top surface of rotatable turntable 122, and jaws 112, 114 of packaging material holder 110 are actuated to automatically open and close at predetermined points along the length of ramp 150 of packaging material holder 110, as discussed above. As embodied herein, packaging material holder 110 is isolated from any electrical or fluid source of power by the turntable, in contrast to conventional devices in which the packaging material holder is connected to an electrical or fluid source of power by the turntable such as by a power connection through the journal of the turntable to the packaging material holder. Because of this the packaging substance owner also fails to get any electrical or liquid potential from brushes, or the like, around a circumference from the turntable. The rotatable turntable 122 for that reason fails to have power or fluid power options by using it throughout acts and rotation being a buffer in between the packaging fabric holder and then any electric or fluid way to obtain power.


This enables the current invention to benefit from the transforming from the direction from the packaging substance relative to the stress as being the turntable rotates. The rotation of the turntable is harnessed to linearly transfer the packaging material owner down the turntable surface. Over the past rotation in the turntable orbital stretch wrapper , as the direction becomes more compact as well as the packaging fabric approaches one side of the load, the packaging materials holder is motivated with the rotation of your turntable in a situation to participate the trailing conclusion in the packaging material.


Inside a favored embodiment, as displayed in Fig. 2, the movements of your turntable is employed to move jaws 112, closing, 114 and opening stretch wrapping machine to instantly release and knowledge, correspondingly, packaging material 116. Cog element 132 cooperates with pin 130 to move jaws 112, 114 relative to rotatable turntable 122 and thereby open and close jaws 112, 114, as discussed above. Pin 130 might be actuated to move in the low-erect place towards the erect position in a predetermined part of the wrapping period with the controller. If possible, pin 130 is actuated during the last rotation inside the wrapping pattern, and the majority of preferably throughout the last quarter turn of your wrapping cycle, to engage cog 132. Because cog 132 moves with rotatable surface 122 of turntable 120, the rotation of the turntable can be used to move cog 132. Cog 132 is moveably connected to jaws 112, 114 such that, if cog 132 moves to the left, jaws 112, 114 will move to the right. If cog 132 is moved to the right, jaws 112, 114 will move to the left, alternatively. Thus, it is the rotation of the turntable, instead of an electric or water power source maintained with the rotating turntable, which is used to go and therefore automatically close and open stretch wrapping machine.

The device of orbital stretch wrapping machine 5


An actuator for the mechanical movement is provided, as embodied herein. Ideally, the actuator is placed aside from rotatable turntable 122 as well as the technical movement, so that the actuator does not swivel with rotatable turntable 122. As shown, the actuator includes a pin 130.

Engaging component 134 engages and is also powered by pin 130 connected to the no-rotating section of turntable construction 120. Pin 130 is moveable between a non-up-right place as well as an up-right situation, and pin 130 is may be actuated to maneuver to the erect placement from a control. Within the upright place, pin 130 engages engaging element 134 of cog 132 as cog 132 rotates with rotatable turntable 122, driving a car cog 132 in a path opposing for that in the rotation. As cog 132 is driven along the length of ramp 150 of packaging material holder 110, jaws 112, 114 of packaging material holder 110 moves along the length of ramp 150 in the opposite direction, driven along the downstream path 152.


Cog component 132 also may include a relieve aspect 138 linked to rotatable stretch wrapping machine surface area 122 of turntable 120. Discharge factor 138 is located with the upstream finish of packaging materials owner 110. Once cog 132 has moved from the downstream end of packaging material holder 110 to the upstream end of packaging material holder 110 release element 138 is positioned to knock down or disengage pin 130 from cog 132. It is necessary to have a release once cog 132 has reached the end of its range of motion, as the length of packaging material holder 110 defines the full range of movement for cog 132. Relieve element 138 serves this function.


Jaws 112, 114 of packaging substance owner 110 techniques alongside upstream pathway 154 right after it offers attained the end of downstream course 152. Cam follower 158 is drawn alongside upstream pathway 154 through the force exerted on packaging fabric 116 locked in jaws 112, 114 through the roll of packaging material in dispenser 102. As proven in Figs. 4 and 3, downstream pathway 152 is located over upstream pathway 154, such that packaging materials owner 110 moves at a initial level downstream, as well as at a second, reduce level upstream.

The apparatus of orbital stretch wrapping machine 3

The clamp for releasing and holding packaging material 116, as shown in Figs. 1 – 4, ideally contains opposed areas for grasping the packaging material 116, for example orbital stretch wrapper might be manufactured from any ideal material, for example metal or plastic-type material, and in any ideal shape which will allow the jaws to grasp and hold the packaging materials without the need of severing it. Stretch wrapping machine are ideally attached to a rail attached to the turntable to enable jaws 112, 114 to convert relative to Other option embodiments of your packaging substance owner may include other arrangements for instance a individual unopposed packaging materials fascinating work surface, say for example a tacky or tacky surface area for retaining the packaging substance, or in some circumstances, a vacuum area.


As shown in Figs. 3 and 4, the mechanised movements is mounted on the rotatable turntable and includes a hovering camera as a ramp 150 connected to rotatable turntable 122 for promoting the packaging material holder 110 in the turntable set up 120. The top work surface of ramp 150 types a downstream pathway 152 in a very first size, as well as the reduce surface of ramp 150 from an upstream pathway 154 at a next, decrease height. “Upstream” and “downstream,” as applied herein, usually are meant to outline the path of motion relative to the circulation of packaging materials in the dispenser 102. Therefore, ever since the packaging substance passes in the dispenser, movements toward the dispenser and up against the circulation of packaging fabric in the dispenser is defined as “upstream” and motion from the dispenser and also the movement of packaging substance through the dispenser is defined as “downstream.” As used herein, the leading end 30 of packaging material 116 is downstream of the trailing end 32 of packaging material 116.


As embodied herein, the mechanical movement also includes a cam follower 158, which allows jaws 112, 114 to travel on the paths 152, 154 of ramp 150. As proven in Fig. 5, the camera follower 158 is located in an upstream conclusion of ramp 150 when keeping the packaging materials in the course of wrapping. With actuation of packaging materials holder 110, camera follower 158 goes to the very top from the upstream stop of ramp 150 and after that travels along downstream route 152. Motion of camera follower 158 up on the higher work surface of ramp 150 quickly leads to stretch wrapping machine of packaging substance holder 110 to open up. Jaws 112, 114 keep open so long as camera follower 158 is moving down the downstream course 152 of ramp 150. When camera follower 158 actually reaches the conclusion of downstream course 152 of ramp 150, camera follower 158 moves off of the stop of ramp 150. Cam follower 158 rolling off the finish of ramp 150 immediately leads to jaws 112, 114 to close. As used herein, the term “automatically” is intended to mean that manual assistance is normally not required.


As embodied herein, the mechanical movement includes a cog mechanism 132 that rotates with packaging material holder 110 as turntable 122 rotates. Cog device 132 includes an stimulating component 134 plus a chain component 136. Sequence component 136 kinds a whole loop, hooked up at every from the comes to an end to fascinating aspect 134. Chain factor 136 engages gears located coupled the size of packaging fabric holder 110, which is moveable together the length of packaging material owner 110.

The equipment of orbital stretch wrapping machine 3


According to the invention, an apparatus is provided for wrapping a load with packaging material. As embodied herein and demonstrated in Figs. 1 and 2, an equipment for wrapping a lot with packaging material is generally designated with the reference numeral 100 and includes a packaging materials dispenser, method for offering family member rotation from a load along with the dispenser, as well as a packaging materials holder.


As proven in Fig. 1, a dispenser 102 is provided for dispensing packaging materials. Packaging substance dispenser 102 dispenses a page of packaging material 116 within a internet kind. Packaging substance dispenser 102 contains a roll carriage 109 that works with a roll of packaging materials 108. Roll carriage 109 of dispenser 102 is mounted on and vertically moveable on a mast 104, shown in Fig. 1, to distribute packaging materials 116 spirally about weight 124 as rotation is provided in between fill 124 and dispenser 102. Roll carriage 109, as embodied herein and shown in Fig. 1, incorporates a assist for packaging fabric roll 108 and path for moving forward mast 104. Additionally, roll carriage 109 might include a pot for positioning packaging fabric roll 108, along with a slit for dispensing packaging materials 116 from packaging fabric roll 108.


In the desired embodiment, stretch place packaging material is used. From the stretch wrapping art work, stretch place packaging fabric has proven to have a great produce coefficient to permit the content a large amount of stretch throughout wrapping. Many other packaging supplies, usually not thought to be stretch cover materials, like strapping, netting and banding and adhesive tape, can be used nicely. Dispenser 102 may also incorporate many different rollers, optionally which include prestretch rollers for extending the packaging substance longitudinally and transversely, to place, dispense, and stretch the packaging fabric as packaging fabric 116 is being dispensed in the roll of packaging material.


As displayed in Figs. 1 and 2, equipment 100 includes method for delivering general rotation between the dispenser and also the load to place packaging material around the load. As embodied herein, the means for providing relative rotation include a conventional turntable assembly 120. Turntable construction 120 carries a rotatable turntable 122. Turntable assembly 120 may be placed proximate a conveyor to obtain a lot 124 to be wrapped from your stress developing region. Weight 124 is rotated by rotatable turntable stretch wrapping machine of turntable assemblage 120 to deliver comparable movements involving dispenser 102 and fill 124.


However, not displayed here, turntable construction 120 might include an uppr promoting work surface using a plurality of powered rollers. Relative rotation may be accomplished by rotating dispenser 102 around a stationary load, as an alternative to the turntable embodiment.


According to the present invention, a packaging material holder for automatically releasing and grasping portions of the packaging material is provided. As embodied herein and demonstrated in Figs. 1 – 4, the packaging fabric owner includes packaging fabric owner 110, mounted on rotatable turntable stretch wrappping machine of turntable assembly 120. Packaging fabric owner 110 incorporates a clamp forholding and grasping, and releasing packaging materials 116, as well as a mechanical motion for actuating the clamp. A roper for forming a rope in the stretch packaging fabric, and a packaging fabric weakener for weakening the packaging fabric just before severing are provided as well within this embodiment.

The device of orbital stretch wrapping machine 2


It is to be understood that the foregoing standard explanation as well as the pursuing detailed explanation are explanatory and exemplary and are intended to give additional clarification of the innovation as orbital stretch wrapper. The related sketches are included to supply a additional idea of the invention and therefore are incorporated in and make up an element of the specification, illustrate an embodiment of the creation, and with the information serve to describe the rules of the creation.

Description From The DRAWINGS


Fig. 1A can be a standpoint take a look at the load wrapping device of your current creation;

Fig. 1B can be a top rated view of the stress wrapping device of Fig. 1A;

Fig. 2 is undoubtedly an increased fragmentary standpoint look at equipment shown in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3A can be a perspective view of the packaging fabric holder from the present invention;

Fig. 3B can be a standpoint view of the stretch wrapping machine packaging materials owner of Fig. 3A mounted on a turntable;

Fig. 4A is actually a perspective see showing the packaging material holder of Fig. 3 from an complete opposite aspect;

Fig. 4B is a perspective look at the packaging materials holder of Fig. 4A attached to a turntable; and

Figs. 5 – 11 are schematics exhibiting activity of the packaging material holder through the wrapping procedure of the present technology.

Comprehensive Information From The Favored EMBODIMENTS


The next text message and related drawings illustrate types of the present favored embodiments of the current invention.

The device of stretch wrapping machine 4

These apparatuses produce a particular level somewhat high-priced because of the pneumatic or electronic control of the packaging materials holder or even the difficult design of the packaging material holder on its own. Some complication of the mechanism controlling the packaging material holder is due to the fact that the gripper are provided with rather long jaws that have to be removed from the initial position in which they holds the packaging material in order to avoid that the jaws be wrapped together with the load.

In the lighting of the fee for such automated equipment, there exists a need for an approach and device for wrapping a lot with packaging material that works as efficiently as individuals formerly designed to enable intelligent relieve and clamping of area of the packaging fabric but which may be constructed in a lower cost.


According to the present invention there is provided a method of wrapping a load with packaging material, comprising:

grasping a leading stop of packaging material having a packaging material holder placed on a rotatable turntable stretch wrapping machine and remote from any electric or water source of energy of through the rotatable turntable;

dispensing packaging fabric coming from a packaging fabric dispenser and revolving the turntable to wrap packaging fabric throughout the sides of the fill;

automatically delivering the key conclusion in the packaging fabric from the packaging substance owner; and

immediately grasping a trailing stop of your packaging materials with all the packaging material holder at the level upstream from the leading finish;