back upending hydrocylinder as well as a back spinning arm in coil turning

[0018] The present upender works: Hydraulic Communicate Change equipment generally found in a group, includes a few hydraulic Communicate flick machine, a hydraulic station and electric control containers develop an organization flip system.

[0019] Prior to starting work with the turn, the workpiece 14 with the still left curler 13 moves to three hydraulic servomotor push ahead flip arm 2, three hydraulic Communicate flip forwards on the machine left arm 2 front flip powered by hydraulic cylinder 3 up coming synchronization flip the workpiece 14 90 ??, combined with 5 within the arm right after the hydraulic cylinder 4 after flipping motivated synchronization from the workpiece 14 and after that flip 90 ??, to ensure the workpiece 14 by 180 ?? turn landed on the reverse side the right roller 15 on.

The application design refers to a multifunctional technical mold converting upender, and belongs to the specialized area of your auxiliary gear for mechanized mold and treatment create. The multifunctional mechanical mildew transforming upender makes up a base, a hinge shaft, a turning plate, a sequence, a magnet operating kitchen table, a rotating shaft plus a telescopic protect. The within the bottom is supplied using a switching engine and a sprocket; the hinge shaft is fixedly organized about the base; the turning dish is easy-to-open in the hinge shaft and is also given a rotating motor; the sequence is involved using the sprocket; both the finishes in the sequence are correspondingly hinged on the two finishes of the switching coupling wheel of the switching plate; the switching plate transforms around once the switching engine hard disks the sprocket along with the chain; the magnet working dinner table is supplied with a completely magnet sucker and a reduce block, and it is backed about the turning dish through a rotating shaft; as well as the rotating electric motor hard disks a driving a vehicle products thereon plus a powered items in the revolving shaft to turn, in order to eventually generate the magnet doing work plate to turn for 360 levels. The utility product has some great benefits of a plurality of safety, functions and reliability, and tiny busy space, and can be used for switching the information to become refined along with the mold throughout the mechanized therapy along with the mildew make.

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back upending hydrocylinder plus a again turning arm in coil turning

According to the present upender provides a technical solution, hydraulic servomotor upender turning machine comprises a frame, front arm, front flip hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and rear after flipping arm, right down to the frame, respectively, with hydraulic front flip After flipping the cylinder base and hydraulic base; said front and rear arm hinged arm were active in the rack midline; flip the front right side of the hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder Activities hinged front flip on the base, left Activities hinged front lower arm; said right after the event hinged flip hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder in the base after turning on the left arm after the event hinged on the bottom, [0008].

[0009] stated framework comprises a number of support columns, between your support column along with the decrease linking rod via a hooking up rod, hooking up rod comes to an end of the higher plate are linked to the right and left pallets. Said front left arm contains a support plate and also the revolving arm, mentioned revolving left arm connected to the rear finish in the help plate, explained assistance dish is L-formed, each stops of your spinning arm with a rotation hole. After the transform of the frontward arm and arm construction symmetry.

[0010] The present upender across the prior art has got the following positive aspects: The present upender compact and simple framework, affordable; arm 2 times utilizing two flip the workpiece 90 ??, to relay the flick method to complete a 180 ?? flip the workpiece , sequence hoist resolve the difficulties with the journey restrictions, a large range of styles to flip the workpiece; support the workpiece immediately from the transfer left arm, because the sequence is not going to develop this sort of accommodating shaking. Easy to run, easy change the workpiece, the workpiece will not produce damage; boost staff member efficiency, minimize labor high intensity.

[0016] From the subsequent sketches, the current upender will likely be more explained with the embodiments:

The present upender makes up a frame 1, the first arm 2, a entrance flick 3 hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders 4 and overturned soon after arm 5, the right aspect from the framework a top turn up anddown and respectively, with basic 6 and back end hydraulic cylinders Turn hydraulic tube foundation 7; said front and back arm 2 were living hinge left arm 5 in the holder a midline; turn the front side appropriate part in the hydraulic cylinder 3 process easy-to-open front flick hydraulic cylinder basic 6, still left Activities hinged entrance lower left arm 2; said hydraulic tube 4 right after turning activity easy-to-open on right after turning on the hydraulic cylinder base 7, convert still left once the function easy-to-open around the budget in the arm 5.

[0017] The framework 1 includes a number of assist posts 8, the structure 1 of the several assistance columns 8 is set on a lawn, between the help line 8 through a connecting rod 9 and also the decrease hooking up rod 10 are linked, the attaching rod 9 and lower hooking up rod 10 and a number of assistance posts 8 to create a secure solid part change dock. Both the ends of your hooking up rod 9 is coupled to the left plate 11 and the correct platter 12, a left plate 11 and the correct top platter 12 are utilized to secure the thrive 2 and the back left arm 5. Stated front left arm 2 makes up a turning left arm help platter 2-2 and 1-2, 2-2 attached to the rotary left arm the back end of your assist platter 2-1. Stated promoting dish 2-1 is L-, L-item design makes certain both in a horizontal state or maybe in a vertical condition might be next to the very first exchange arm 2. 2-2 each comes to an end of the spinning arm includes a turning hole, rotating the left arm 2-2 might be connected by a move prior to the reduced hydraulic tube 3, driven and rotated across the hole in the top of the shaft. Following the convert in the previous thrive arm 5 2 symmetric construction. Turn the front side tube hydraulic tube 3, which includes 3-1 and 3-2 piston, the piston rod mounted on the cylinder 3-1 3-2 inside. Before flipping the same structure, flip the rear hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder 4 and 3.

upender with the outstanding description for coil

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1 flip automobile upender maintenance welding machine side framework, contains a basic, characterized for the reason that: explained basic is installed on the chassis, the chassis installing a push engine, the drive motor unit is connected to a power result terminal of the push transmission, The output of the transmitting potential degree of the ability production shaft is provided, mentioned power production shaft is mounted on each ends of top to bottom change horizontal arm, the turning left arm from the cross has two offers aside in the hole in the area support frames body strut, said strut is placed on one side body to the side framework strut sealing left arm in mentioned turn part framework strut transverse locking gadget, two of explained side body is provided by using a side strut framework locking device.

(2) as professed in claim 1, where the automobile upender-part welding repair flick framework, characterized in this: mentioned transmission indicates includes potential from the generate motor is drivingly attached to the gearbox result, the productivity terminal of explained power transmitting gearbox attached to a worm equipment drive.

According to claim 2, wherein said welding repair flip side frame, characterized in that, 3, such as a vehicle upender: stated worm products and stated transmitting products implies comprises a power productivity terminal associated with a worm generate, the worm gear meshes with the worm .

4 as claimed in declare 1, where the automobile upender-area welding repair flip structure, recognized because: mentioned area body strut includes locking indicates disposed from the side frame strut and in between mentioned securing arm change handwheel.

5 as claimed in claim 2, 3 or 4, where the automobile upender-part change restoration welding body, distinguished for the reason that: stated securing indicates comprises area frame mounted on one side framework and also the part framework strut golf hole corresponding securing screw.

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The upender makes up a weightlifting system

The technology discloses an upender. The upender comprises clamping products, a revolving device, a helping system and the like, whereby the turning device comprises a electric motor and a couple of revolving body; the turning bodies are circularly formed; plus a car upender system that is upended can move through the rotating systems. The upender makes up a weightlifting device which includes raise van. The clamping devices are placed on the internal ends of the rotating bodies and repaired about the spinning body. The traveling method of chain push and also the traveling mode of products generate, buckle drive, metallic pub generate and so on might be followed between the motor unit along with the turning body. The safety is good, the stability is high and the operation is simple, the upender works on line; and because the operation body is circularly shaped.

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An internet based vehicle upender upender turning machine, the clamping system, rotating indicates, the assist units along with other parts, in which the revolving signifies comprises a electric motor, the rotor, characterized because said rotary body is annular.

(2) as claimed in assert 1, where the vehicle upender turning series, recognized in this mentioned rotary physique is several.

3 according to claim 1, wherein the vehicle upender turning line, characterized in that said clamping means is located on the rotating body.

As claimed in claim 1, wherein the vehicle upender turning line, characterized in that, further comprising a lifting device, the lifting device formed by a lifting trolley.

5 according to claim 4, wherein the vehicle upender turning line, characterized in that the lifting trolley is equipped with the above track.

Wherein the vehicle upender turning line, characterized in that said support means to provide support for the rotating body, including the side support and the bottom support, as claimed in claim 1.

Wherein the vehicle upender turning line, characterized in that said rotating body by way of the drive motor with a chain, can also be used gears, belts, steel and other transmission means, as claimed in claim 1.

Wherein the vehicle upender turning line, characterized in that said clamping means is a direct clamping, as claimed in claim 3.

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[0001] The current upender refers to a switching gadget, in particular a converting device area.


Change coil upender Machine Hydraulic driveing

Multi purpose mechanized molds feeder expertise in upender The energy version relates to an approach for mold and machining creating process molds change multifunctional mechanised feeder, owned by machining and mildew producing auxiliary gear technologies. Craft from the mold and machining making, mold, materials and maintenance machining handle surgical procedures are usually turning use of human being or raising gear to accomplish. This procedure of operation, vulnerable to mishaps, office may possibly cause damage to costly fungus damage, picking up gear damage, significant and also endanger the protection of operating workers. So, someone applies a technique called hydraulic automatic clamping mechanism (Patent No.: 03247436 * 9) of your patent, its framework is: holder designed with hydraulic power and stations handle box, carrier rails with several displaying seat ; shaft from a showing repaired from the carrier on which a chain on sides of your shaft includes a hydraulic motor; flick workdesk in the back of tips rail mounted on the carrier rail assist foundation , sequence and sprocket engages the chain stops hinged flip Taiwan ends; using hydraulic station hydraulic electric motor powered with a sequence to turnover flip Taiwan. The patented solution hydraulic automatic machine molds although to some extent, improve the safety factor, reducing the operator’s labor intensity, but was turned part because there is no fixed easily fall, is still not conducive to safe production; Meanwhile, when two lifting holes parallel to the plane of upender the work table, were not uninstall the inverted flip move the workpiece; while only turn perpendicular to each other and both flat and large surfaces, the use of restrictive, affecting the efficiency of its use. Breakdown Of THE Technology The technology seeks to provide a reasonable framework, supplies may be machined mildew fixed, can turn the six encounters transformed molds multi purpose mechanized feeder solve the before craft, the application of restricted protection reduced coefficient problem; although yet another one of several energy model aims to supply a more secure, dependable, tiny footprint, simple to use multi-functionality mechanized molds change feeder. The power product main objective of those technology is dealt with throughout the following upenders: a flexible mechanical molds transform feeding machine, comprising basics, a hinge axis, turn table, chains, magnet kitchen table, spinning shafts, telescopic protect, base There exists switched electric motor, sprocket tensioner sprocket and transitional, change around the motor with all the generate sprocket; stated hinge axis hinge help with the three resolved within the foundation; stated turn board and two wheels linked by way of a turn the coupling head is easy-to-open towards the hinge axis from the hinge, flip table with rotary engine, the motor unit turning a push equipment; the sequence and sprocket, the chain tensioning sprocket engagement move, the sequence finishes had been hinged to the flick coupling go round comes to an end, and is found on a circle round the tire turn coupling;

area frames upender repair requires

[0001] This utility design pertains to a upender repair assists, in particular relates to a car or truck side body upender fix assists. History

[0002] one side body of your motor vehicle carrying and operations from the key components in using prone line, chutes, guideline framework and also other pieces wear overrun phenomenon, to further improve the utilization of components, area frames upender repair requirements. Because of the lack of professional flip side frame equipment, we can only manually flip positioning is a waste of manpower, but also a waste of time.

[0003] automobiles frequently used areas of your vehicle, especially the dress in heavier aspect framework, to ensure the weighty workload of upkeep, depot upkeep jobs with all the frustration of side structures as well as other components unique motor vehicle restoration techniques were not suited to the truth in the job demand, technology and process backward, unscientific operating procedures and other issues fantastic.

Completing a job upender point will need to re-flip side frame positioning, proceed to the next point upender repair upender repair, because the side frames larger, weighing up to 375kg or so, Flip need help with other types of workers, potentially increasing the labor intensity of maintenance personnel, affecting efficiency, [0004] Since the side frame upender repair operation points more. Because the side frame bottom rugged, poor stability when placed prone to rollover, there are some job security risks.

[0005] Because there is no specialized equipment flip side frame, side frame is not required by maintenance personnel freedom of flip positioning, upender repair maintenance personnel sometimes only sideways on the spot repair, increasing the difficulty of the side frame upender repair, but when upender repair prone toslag and porosity, weld surface is uneven and other issues affecting the quality of upender.


[0006] This utility model practical issue being fixed is to supply a vehicle roll-over versatile flip aspect framework upender restoration machine.

The upender comprises clamping devices for aluminum turning

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1 change vehicle restoration upender machine aspect structure, includes a base, characterized for the reason that: stated basic is attached to the chassis, the chassis installation a drive motor unit, the push motor is associated with a power productivity terminal of the drive transmitting, The production of the transmission strength measure of the ability production shaft is provided, explained power productivity shaft is mounted on both stops of vertical flip horizontal left arm, the upender arm in the go across has two offers aside into the hole inside the area picture frames framework strut, explained strut is installed on along side it framework aside structure strut locking left arm in stated turn part framework strut transverse securing device, two of said area frame is supplied having a part strut framework locking product.

(2) as stated in assert 1, whereby the automobile-part upender fix turn framework, described for the reason that: stated transmission means involves energy of your drive engine is drivingly connected to the gearbox productivity, the output terminal of said strength transmission gearbox attached to a worm equipment travel.

According to claim 2, wherein said upender repair flip side frame, characterized in that, 3, such as a vehicle: said worm equipment and explained transmission products means comprises an electric power result terminal associated with a worm drive, the worm equipment meshes with the worm .

4 as reported in claim 1, in which your vehicle-side upender repair change framework, described because: mentioned area framework strut includes securing means disposed within the part body strut and in between mentioned securing arm turn handwheel.

5 as claimed in assert 2, 3 or 4, whereby the car-aspect flick fix upender structure, characterized in this: mentioned securing means consists of side frame attached to one side body as well as the part structure strut opening related securing attach.

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Vehicle repair change side body upender machine technological innovation

The upender includes clamping devices for copper coil turning

According to the actual production needs to move for a variety of occasions flipping job requirements, [0033] Compared with the prior art, the upender provides an automatic upender machine, the motor output torque is transmitted to the drive wheel through the sprocket, the drive wheel and the rotating frame by engaging tooth structure, its simple structure, the stability of flip operation, torque transmission and high reliability; rotation relative to the fixed frame rack for 360 ?? continuous flip, and.

[0034] The above mentioned sketches, the upender with an outstanding outline of execution of the invention is actually not restricted from the above-defined method, given that the technique of making use of the very idea of the technology and various modifications from the upender, without or with advancement The concept of the upender is immediately applicable for some other upenders and applications, and therefore are from the scope of protection of your creation.

The energy product discloses an auto area framework fixing upender upender. The car side framework fixing upender upender consists of basics, whereby a machine container is installed on the foundation, a driving motor unit is set up in the machine pack and is also linked to a rate-variation gadget within a transmission mode, an electric power output shaft of the pace-variance system is vertically supplied with an overupender transverse left arm, two part body help rods that happen to be established in opposing guidelines are sleeved on the overupender transverse arm, either side frame help rod is supplied with a aspect frame help rod securing device, and side body locking devices are respectively arranged with the inside aspects, in complete opposite directions, from the area structure assistance rods. One side body assist rods are positioned and adjusted, a workpiece is placed about the part body assistance rod and is locked and positioned throughout the part structure sealing devices, the driving motor unit is started and manages the overupender transverse left arm to rotate through the velocity-difference gadget, the overupender transverse left arm pushes along side it framework assist rods to swivel, along side it frame assist rods push the side frame to spin, and the objective of easily and flexibly altering a side framework is accomplished. The car aspect structure fixing upender upender is capable of doing enabling the side body to openly spin at 360 degrees, meets the repairing upender prerequisite, and improves mending upender work and quality efficiency.

The upender makes up clamping products for copper coil turning

[0028] I sequence 2 is mounted on the motor output shaft and also the axis of rotation in the travel tire 3 in between the I productivity for the engine torque is transported towards the drive shaft 3 is rotated to get the driving a car tire 3; revolving structure 5 by way of the driving tire 3 , the motivated wheel 8 along with the spinning wheel 9 rotatably placed on the stationary supplies body 4, the travel wheel 3 is rotated to drive the spinning frame 5 with respect to the set frame 4 for crucial motion; the revolving structure 5 is set on at the very least two rollers framework 6, structure 6 is attached to the roller a plurality of curler 7.

[0029] The upender provides an automatic upender machine, automatic upender machine once the mildew actually reaches a predetermined position when the machine, begin the production torque from the motor unit I, powered through the drive sprocket wheel 2 push wheel 3 is rotated thus; generate tire 3 is rotated, pushed by rotation in accordance with the set body 5 for rotation body 4, so that repaired around the rotary structure 5 follower curler structure 6, structure 6 is set in the roller roller 7 is rotated over the axis of rotation of your rack 5 rotation. According to the actual production needs to move for a variety of occasions flipping job requirements, through this transmission mode, turn the rack 5 with respect to the fixed frame 4 for 360 ?? continuous flip, and.

[0030] In a preferred embodiment, the push tire 3, the exterior periphery in the powered tire 8 are set towards the initial toothed construction, the turning body 5 in the outer periphery in the secondly toothed composition, the first structure and also the secondly tooth two meshing tooth structure, therefore the way from the meshing tooth framework to drive the rotation of revolving structure 5, the torque transmitting balance, higher doing work dependability.

[0031] Push tire 3, powered pulley 8 is mounted on the rotating frame 5 below the revolving tire 9 is fitted in addition to the rotary body 5. Driving a vehicle tire 3 and the driven wheel 8 to achieve the spinning carrier 5 helping part, set the rotary wheel 9 to permit rotation of the rack 5 to keep a predetermined trajectory to spin in accordance with the repaired body 4.

[0032] set towards the revolving body 5 has two wheels in the frame 6, body 6 two rollers established symmetrically. A plurality of rollers 7 Motion of the roller on the framework 6 are arranged at the very least two rows, and roller 7 inside the general placement in each row. As shown, the roller frame 6 can be arranged in two rows on the roller 7, each row 5 is provided with a roller 7.

The upender includes clamping gadgets for PC wire coil turning

[0007] in the spinning carrier rack set to at the very least two rollers, the rollers have got a plurality of rollers placed on the holder.

[0008] In a favored embodiment, the push tire, the driven wheels are positioned to the exterior periphery from the very first tooth construction along with the spinning outer periphery in the rack composition of the second teeth, the very first teeth composition and the second tooth Composition interested.

[0009] In a favored embodiment, the generate wheel, powered tire installed on the turning structure underneath the turning tire attached in addition to the turning frame.

[0010] In just one desired embodiment, the rotating carrier resolved with two curler frame, two curler structures symmetrically disposed.

[0011] Inside a recommended embodiment, a plurality of rollers in the roller carrier was established in a row of at least two, along with the tire inside the general position in every row.

[0012] In just one preferred embodiment, the rollers set up in two lines about the rack rollers, every single row is supplied by using a roller.

[0013] Compared with the previous art, the upender has got the adhering to advantageous outcomes: According to the actual production needs to move for a variety of occasions flipping job requirements, the upender provides an automatic upender machine, the motor output torque is transmitted to the drive wheel through the sprocket, the drive wheel and the rotating frame by engaging tooth structure, the structure Simple, flip job stability, torque transmission and high reliability; rotation relative to the fixed frame rack for 360 ?? continuous flip, and.


[0014] The following Examples and the accompanying drawings according to the upender is described in further detail.

[0015] Shape I in the upender in an auto upender machine schematic. [0016] Guide numeral Information:

[0017] I, the motor;

[0018] 2, sprockets;

[0019] 3, the push tire;

[0020] 4, the resolved body; [0021] 5, transform the rack;

[0022] 6, roller racks;

[0023] 7, the wheel;

[0024] 8, the pushed tire;

[0025] 9, the turning tire.

Specific embodiments

[0026] Body I in the upender proposed a schematic structural view of auto reversing machine.