packaging components and packaging alternatives

Billerud is a community-top dealer of pulp, packaging resources and packaging remedies. Our goods are made of completely main fibre from my Scandinavian jungles, a perfect natural fabric that results in pure and robust pieces of paper. Manufacturing happens with the group’s 3 built-in paper and pulp mills in Sweden, and also at its British document mill.

Environmentally friendly horizontal packaging paper

Billerud’s functions are covered with environmentally friendly production from tree to completed packaging. Billerud contributes to creating sustainable development of the Earth’s resources, by working with a natural and renewable raw material.

To be able to remain at the leading edge in the packaging and pulp business, Billerud frequently brings new services, services and concepts to its stock portfolio. Billerud strives to make sure that its consumers profit from new options that shield products and that are based on renewable and sustainable solutions.

Our reports will be the simple fabric for attractive and strong horizontal stretch wrapepr packaging that provides effective protection of products and goods.

Formable packaging papers

The secrets powering FibreForm? formable packaging papers is its great stretchability, which opens the door to an array of software. It is possible to create exclusive packaging solutions with fascinating, organic forms and serious embossing that reinforce brands.

This formable pieces of paper also has sizeable enviromentally friendly worth. FibreForm is constructed of 100% primary dietary fibre and is also accredited for direct exposure to foods. FibreForm is FSC licensed – a warranty how the uncooked substance originates from environmentally friendly forestry.

Medical packaging pieces of paper

Equally Billerud Medikraft and Sterikraft medical horizontal wrapper packaging document fulfill the demands and challenges in the health care industry, and with each other they include each of the health-related sector’s medical packaging paper demands.

Siliconising papers

Billerud offers 3 siliconising item households – a single uncoated (Relieve) and two clay-based-protected (Launch C1S and Launch C2S) in diverse grammages. Each our uncoated and our clay-protected merchandise households can be utilized in all siliconising processes.

Document company luggage

Our selection of pieces of paper qualities, uncoated and coated, matches the highest quality calls for. We provide the largest selection of paperwork for papers service provider totes in the marketplace. Our merchandise match the hardest consumer requirements: exceptional strength, durability, production and printability productivity.

Customer flexibles packaging papers

Practical kraft pieces of paper from Billerud is the perfect bearer of numerous barriers to protect deal elements in opposition to air, grease, moisture and light. The top level of smoothness as well as user profiles in our client flexibles packaging papers satisfy the most difficult needs for fine, extrusion and lamination publishing.

Packaging reports for flour, grain, sugar and pasta

Few other packaging are really determined by an increased-top quality uncooked substance as pieces of paper totes for pasta, flour, grain and sugar. The packaging must have a small body weight and it frequently is lacking in barriers – this calls for a paper that is certainly as robust because it is real.

Billerud’s selection of packaging reports for grain, pasta, sugar and flour consists of kraft pieces of paper with a broad spectrum of qualities and grammages, all of these are made using very exact, hi there-technology approaches. The papers are carefully checked out prior to shipping and delivery to make sure that they generally conserve a great and in many cases good quality.

Containerboard: liner and fluting

Containerboard is strong, lightweight and durable eco friendly and cost-successful, that makes it great for from robust, inflexible and impact-resilient carry packaging to smart-hunting buyer packaging featuring superior generating.

Billerud’s containerboard – both the corrugated middle level (fluting) along with the outside coating (upholster) – consists of completely principal dietary fibre. This makes certain a neat and quite strong paper employed in one of the most stressful applications. When there are additional demands for strength, good, purity and hygiene publishing, Billerud’s liner and fluting are a great selection.

Sack kraft document

Numerous plenty of commercial animal, products and foodstuffs give are stuffed in sacks made of Billerud’s substantial-good quality sack kraft papers. The document is environmentally, strong and hygienic pleasant.

Billerud brown and white sack paper can be used for cement and building chemicals, materials and food wildlife give, animal consumer and food snack food items.

The merchandise family QuickFill? has been specially developed for device sacks for speedy filling up of powdered merchandise, for example for developing fabric, industrial minerals, foodstuff and chemicals.

NBSK pulp

Billerud creates 330,000t of market place pulp annually which is rated among Europe’s leading makers of NBSK pulp. Billerud’s bleached kraft pulp can be used to make layered and uncoated papers, LWC, packaging pieces of paper, muscle, thermo papers and a wide range of special papers.

100 % pure Scandinavian pine and spruce provide you with the high-top quality major dietary fibre employed to develop all Billerud NBSK pulp. Billerud NBSK pulp brings together numerous qualities, which includes high lumination and wholesomeness along with tear and tensile durability.