Packaged peanut company filling productivity.

Manufactured peanut company Gold Grove ofWarsaw and NC, offers its Carolina/Virginia-style nuts to wholesale suppliers worldwide. While many peanuts are made into candies and some areroasted and packaged, and offered to stores, the majority of Gold Grove’s 10,000-ton harvest remains uncooked and bought from large. The company’s uncooked in-shell peanuts are packed in 900-lb bulk totes and shipped to clients all over the world. Not extended in the past, as Fantastic Grove’s wholesale organization begun to increase, the corporation saw chances to increase its volume travelling bag satisfying efficiencies.

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In past times, Gold Grove staff by hand packed 20 volume bags daily. 3 filling stations every included a hopper equipped using a glide entrance and a level positioned beneath. An user would wide open the push entrance permitting the nuts to get caught in the mass case until the bag was inside of ± 2 lb of your target 900-lb excess weight. The process was incredibly slow and work-extensive. Evaluating accuracies may be increased to enhance profits as well.


The method also generated some spillage and probable product contaminants. Peanuts fell on the floor and had to be swept up daily if the bag spout was not held firmly beneath the slide gate. Operators were actually quickly bored with the monotonous method and would sometimes look at their cell phones while in filling. On occasion, cell phones (and also other things) have been decreased in the mass case, contaminating the materials.

Golden Grove necessary a substantially speedier, contaminants-free of charge method to meet the increasing wholesale demand. To identify a answer, the company turned into Spiroflow Methods, which encouraged an automated get-in-body weight filling up method.

Triple install

Golden Grove at first devoted in one Spiroflow C1-2 large handbag stuffing system, along with the answer proved helpful very well that they can rapidly purchased two more the same techniques. A sizable escalator conveyor consistently provides peanuts to some hopper mounted over each satisfying station. Each hopper is fitted using a 10-in. glide-entrance valve automatically operated by the filling process cpanel. The C1-2 large handbag fillers are meant to load buyer-specified 40-in. square large hand bags but will be altered to accommodate bags that happen to be 50 to 64 in. high with corner loops 8 to 10 in. very long.

All product get in touch with parts on the large case fillers are constructed from 304 stainless in order to meet food basic safety standards. A versatile interconnection is set up between the filling go as well as the base of each and every hopper, as rigid relationships would affect correct considering. A versatile connection is additionally put in between your travelling bag rising cost of living lover along with the filling brain. Stress tissue on each and every filler are connected to a NEMA 4-licensed user interface with electronic consider batch handles, a slide-door control device situation manage, along with a handbag inflation blower enthusiast.

Rate plus more

With installing three Spiroflow gain-in-excess weight filling techniques, the quantity of committed bulk handbag filling operators was lessened from nine to just one, and Fantastic Grove’s satisfying rate improved to 300 bulk bags each day-a 15X productivity improve. Evaluating accuracy and reliability greater by over 400Percent, and product or service spillage was lowered. The computerized stuffing system also removed all proprietor exposure to this product, which considerably reduced probable product or service toxic contamination.