Our techniques are highly

Tonejet is a effective digital printing technologies created to meet the needs from the global produce manufacturing and packaging market, exactly where image good quality, reliability, cost and productivity are vital factors.

Substantial-quality digital printing techniques

In the heart from the Tonejet printing motor is its groundbreaking electrostatic decline-on-desire deposition technology that allows great-top quality printing on virtually any type of substrate at high-speed, without having to alter the substrate.

The cabability to put in extremely low film excess weight and extremely focused pigmented ink and differ the droplet amount continuously without impacting on throughput positions Tonejet at the forefront of today’s digital publishing alternatives.

We utilize a CMYK procedure to supply a 600dpi print resolution, with several to 8 dot dimension degrees (comparable to 150lpi with 64 tonal amounts). This provides a clear, precise and sharp published appearance.

Digital print methods in short and medium printing goes

Our lower ink cartridge film bodyweight (below 1μm print out film fullness), coupled with competing printer ink charge, implies that our produce charge every item is similar with standard generating approaches. We are also cost-effective for method produce goes, exactly where other electronic digital solutions will simply provide inexpensive quick printing works.

Substantial-velocity electronic stamping solutions

Our techniques are extremely adjustable, and that we can printing on to a wide range of substrates, such as metal, plastic and paperboard, which is often applied all over numerous industry market sectors.

Maximum productiveness as well as simple manipulation

Tonejet’s ideal efficiency is incredibly high due to our stability, print rate and the truth that we do not require any down time to modify printing work. With 24kHz ejection volume, Tonejet achieves a 1m/s linear rate with a scalable produce width and high print brain trustworthiness to offer class-leading efficiency. For specific programs produce speeds of higher than 1m/s can be achieved.

Published goods could be controlled quickly without having the ink cartridge cracking or shifting. This is good for supplies including cans and metal hats, which need a additional generating, shaping and embossing approach. This is caused by the less than 1μm produce film density.

Flexible and robust ink biochemistry for food and beverage merchandise

Our pigments are the type used in conventional speak to generating and that we make use of an ink cartridge formulation which means substrates need to have no pre-remedy. All of our ink are safe for use with food and beverage merchandise.

Fall-on-require direct printing modern technology

We work with a easy nozzleless construction without any relocating elements or nozzles to become obstructed. Tonejet is really a decline-on-require primary publishing modern technology, for this reason constant appearance size and adjustable images can be achieved without loss of print out rate.

Computerized generating methods for plastic, paperboard and metal packing

Our digital printing systems are perfect for a variety of packing market segments, such as:

Metal such as steel containers, closures, tubes and cans

Plastic like labeling, shrink sleeves, flow tubes, wrap and pouches

Paperboard such as collapsable cartons, corrugated board and carton table

Tonejet includes a highly seasoned team with important experience in the stamping industry, including:

Print brain manufacturing

Electrical design and control


Printer biochemistry

System design and engineering

Tonejet owns, supplies, develops and licenses Tonejet solutions and products. We function in shut collaboration and partnership with global executives inside the print and packaging areas to supply stop-to-conclusion electronic printing methods to the product packaging market. Tonejet is underpinned by a family of trademarked controlled, owned and technologies by Tonejet Limited.