New year and new stretch wrapping machine

25 years of ups and downs, 25 years of hard work and innovation, we have gone through a hard road, road of hope. Electric control equipment factory developed to the North of stretch  wrapper packaging equipment co. Facing the new century, new economy, new challenges, and we are still a long way away. Special thanks to each and every employee of the company by the diligence and innovation and to thank all the people for long-term care, concern and support.

Our company is located in the Yangtze River Delta hinterland, 140KM West of Shanghai, Hong Kong, South huning Highway, West of Xicheng Expressway, Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge in the North, only 3KM from the highway exit along the Yangtze River, the geographical position is superior good. And the landscape is beautiful, prosperous economy.

Companies adhering to the “pursuit of excellence and innovation” concept, professional production of various kinds of soft stretch wrapping machine packaging equipment, including film blowing machine, bag making machine, slitting stretch machine, folding machine, wrapping machine, cutting machine and so on. Product quality has reached the domestic leading level, market covering most parts of the country, and has been exported to Thailand, and Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia, Egypt, and Kuwait, Middle East, Russia and Africa, becoming a strong power of national industrial upgrading.

Today’s knowledge economy, manufacturing for stretch wrapper is no longer a pure, pursuit of functionality to meet in the traditional sense, but rather a synthesis of art, full of innovation and passion. We will be excellent quality, attentive service and professional team works with you to create the glory and the dream we all share.
In the field of the development of non-woven fabric machinery two favorable conditions are created on: one is good for exports; the second is conducive to the introduction, including foreign-funded joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises to China brought about by the advanced manufacturing technology. My company is a non-woven fabric bag making machinery production enterprises, export value has skyrocketed over the years.
Is the bag for domestic demand increases, demand for non-woven fabric bag making machinery, supply;
Second, brought about by the demand for high technology packaging machine equipment upgrading of equipment and the Elimination of obsolete equipment. Statistical data can be seen, the growth of output of non-woven products lead to increased sales of non-woven fabric bag making machine. Non-woven bag industry good prospects, will continue to be my main motivation to high-speed bag making machine industry development of the company.