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Synbra Technological innovation, which is situated in Etten-Leur, holland, specialises within the manufacture of EPS beads and Playstation materials, and is the most important EPS recycler in European Europe. The business was started in 1957 and polymerisation were only available in 1973. EPS recycling commenced in 1992.

EPS beads

As part of the Synbra Group, it finds most of its EPS bead customers with companies that supply in the industrial products and packaging solutions sector – such as Isobox Technologies, Synprodo Packaging, Styropack UK and Styropack Denmark – as well as in the sustainable insulation systems sector, with companies like IsoBouw D? mmtechnik, IsoBouw Techniques, Vencel Resil and Styrolit. Determined EPS marks are delivered to organizations beyond the Synbra team at the same time. To the specific websites of these organizations, please see the local workplaces web page.

We have been found on the Stream Tag, and arrangements are increasingly being intended to alter the transport of styrene from trucks to barges. This assists to get ready to get a development of capacity consistent with Synbra Team requirements.

BioFoam? E-PLA foam

Biofoam, a foamed item made out of great-quality polylactic acidity (PLA), can be a growth product of Synbra Technology which matches the company’s wide range of polystyrene foam goods. It includes superb overall performance in properties such as shock reduction, insulation value and moulding shrinkage.

It really is produced by expanding PLA-dependent microbeads by using a measurements of .7mm-1. mm or 1.0mm-1.6mm to generally 25kg/m3, and moulding these beads making use of customized-produced moulding gear. The initial parts are anticipated to be available on the market with preferred consumers by the end of 2009.

Styrex? EPS beads

Styrex EPS beads are made in normal (406R, 607RC, 710RC and 607R 1016RC) and fire-retardant marks (1923F, 406F, 710F, 1822F, 1619F, 1016F and 607F).

A fully prepared lab for polymerisation is probably the instruments used more and more to aid development and result in the growth and development of particular Playstation levels and EPS foam marks.

A genuine specialized is really a family of perfectly round very EPS beads using a raw bead diameter of 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2mm or 2.2mm and right after growth to 50g/l in a diameter of 3mm to 5mm can be used for wastewater treatment. These beads also get software to make drainage panels.

In 2007 a record quantity of EPS beads was applied by Isobox Technology to fill up the Achères drinking water treatment system of Veolia normal water, to clean water for 8-10 mil Parisians.

Styrex Shock and Color? EPS beads

Adding to our selection of impressive foam items are Styrex Color and Shock? beads. Color EPS is made by means of shaded EPS and it is traditionally used for design moulding of food items trays, red wine shippers and seed trays.

Distress? beads can be a European means to fix allow lower VOC production of barrier materials for multiuse packaging. It serves as a replacement for high VOC-refrigerated supplies. In addition, it delivers a primary substitute for EPP. It really is marketed being a foam product to many other Synbra Group organizations.

Xire? EPS and widened cup composite

Xire, the incombustible composite of EPS and widened cup, was made jointly with IsoBouw Solutions which is manufactured in Etten-Leur. Dependant upon its make up it fulfills Euroclasses B, A2 and C for fire-resilient goods. Xire is promoted by sister Synbra group of people companies.

PS PS and compounds foil

Clients for Playstation compounds and PS foil are normally found throughout the world. Specific HIPS, GPPS, MIPS and LIPS marks (also entirely obvious HIPS) exist for utilization in the creation of shoe only, image picture frames, additives and CD-case shot moulding.

These marks can also be suited for HIPS sheet extrusion for thermoforming foods packaging, floor home heating sections and horti trays for propagation and orchid developing. GPHV levels are being used by our buyers to reduce the expense of unprocessed substance within their menu.

EPS spend

EPS waste materials from a variety of Countries in europe is packaged utilizing the homeward trip of our own haulers that have supplied EPS.

Great-temperature Playstation levels and EPS grades

The constant travel for innovation fairly recently resulted in the development of new higher-heat Playstation marks and EPS levels. This new collection of HT merchandise is founded on NORYL? resin provided by Standard Electric’s superior materials division.

In sound form it really is utilized as higher-heat microwavable packaging, great heat shielding and stove carry trays, and also sterilisation containers for working theatres that meet healthcare normal 93 / 42 / EEC, employed to change particle shedding cardboard.

Used as foam, the HT-EPS is really a replacement for dytherm / caril and discovers app in water vapor sterilisable horti trays and boiler insulations.