labeling from sato

stretch wrapper and array of thoroughly automated RFID print/encode/use programs are powered by Zebra, stretch wrapper , SATO, Printronix and Avery-Dennison print engines.

stretch wrapper s RFID devices detect out of spec tags so issues that could be passed via the source chain are now prevented. Somewhat than basically overstrike out-of-spec tags or identify them by print and still getting them applied to merchandise or gathered in shuttle that desires to be cleared, FOX IV’s tag managing process allows out-of-spec tags to continue to be on the label liner and out of the generation procedure. “Bad” tags are then just rewound with the label liner and creation can keep on unaffected. Out-of-spec tags are then obtainable and accountable. A new in-spec tag is printed, encoded and confirmed prior ahead of becoming utilized to the item in queue. The tag handling Technique is offered on most RFID models.