It has also recently produced a new corporate and business

In response to current requirements from various industries such as cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry, Lleal, S.A. has developed a modern micro-mincing and damp procedure dispersion technology able to creating a particle size flexible for all sorts of liquid flow. This venture is co-funded through the Western Fund for Localised Improvement (EFRD).

The outcome is the MH-20 horizontal wrapping disc mill, that features a grinding chamber made of stainless-steel taken care of to lower the potential of contaminants from oxidation or use of your chamber. As such, we have succeeded in developing a product that meets strict food and pharmaceutical industry standards and quality requirements.

The MHS-20 has a superior splitting up system, a different layout of agitator discs, as well as a new way of positioning ancillary elements. Additionally, effortless procedure and upkeep are supplied through the manage system along with a screen of procedure parameters.

The horizontal disc mill is easily the most widely used machine for damp procedure small-milling. More rewards incorporate decreased approach instances, better levels of lessening and merchandise homogenization, reduce prices of material damage compared to open methods, more steady performance and production price-price savings.

renews its company appearance as an element of its conversation program, which aims to boost the identity of the company. One of the products within the plan are the new logo design in addition to upgrading the identifying, Lleal, S.A., which corresponds to the manufacturer, stretching out to any or all products and services offered by the organization.

Also, changing the motto enables you to distributed the key principles of Lleal, S.A.: innovation and Experience for the procedure business. The Catalan loved ones industry is honoring this coming year the 140th anniversary, offering options in various businesses including food, ceramics, pharmaceutical, paints and cosmetics, along with chemicals in general.

It provides also fairly recently made a brand new corporate and business video clip. For your initial quarter of 2014, the remodelling of your web site design is predicted. These communication steps aim to expand brand awareness Lleal, contribute and SA to enhance the task of corporate consolidation, each nationwide and around the world.