Inflexible metal and packaging decorating

Global Ink Co. is the next greatest producer of generating coatings and inks in America with more than 15 establishments in the usa and Canada and 50 areas on several continents. A global supplier as an element of Sakata INX worldwide procedures, a $1.5bn firm making ink since 1896, INX supplies a full collection of coating and ink remedies technologies for commercial, packaging and digital applications. As a leading global manufacturer of inkjet inks, INX provides a full palette of digital ink systems, advanced technologies and integrated services.

Firm metal and packaging beautifying skills

As the world’s largest producer of inks for metal decorating, high-profile customers of INX find terrific value with the brilliant look and vivid colours on their three-piece cans. Overall performance-verified ink including INXCure? TP UV Additionally and TP Plus are abrasion-resistant and present substantial durability, excellent adhesion and superior fabrication properties for conventional and Ultra-violet technology. Choose between an array of niche and energy remedied inks for your toned sheet generating demands.

INX delivers low cost with good overall performance for two-bit can operations, making standard AP series ink including retortable, NoVar, phosphorescent, wet appearance, LoVOC, others and flourescent.

EVOLVE? innovative digital inkjet system

Aluminum decorators currently have an entire industrial inkjet system available with Change. By offering high-quality systems and inks for short-run digital prototype packaging and production, this cost-effective solution provides plenty of options.

Market-major adaptable packing ink

INX has the responses you are interested in in great-functionality, popular-fill up retort pouches, a variety of flexible wrapping with superior Lamiall? and Belle Coloration? , and widespread laminating inks for polyester, nylon and polypropylene. This is a excellent complement for extrusion lamination or many sticky types. ShrinkPac? and Etona ink are great shrink sleeve software for PETG, PVC, other, OPS and OPP substrates, and there exists a complete selection of normal water and solvent-structured coatings and inks for other area of expertise needs.

Paper wrapping solutions

Irrespective of your needs, be it bag, corrugated, foldable carton, single assistance or tag and label, INX merchandise complete the task. INXFlex? 2000 high quality UV flexo inks produce outstanding shade, minimum dish swell and excellent adhesion to perfect content label shares and metalized polyesters, videos (PE, OPP, Mylar and PPuncoated, ), coated and SBS board and papers, foils, Tyvek? and Kimdura? .

AquaTech ION? label printer ink solutions are superior quality, h2o-dependent flexographic formulations for paper, film and energy content label publishing on anilox moves around 1,500 lines every “. ION-P? , ION-F? and ION-T? supply solid efficiency, outstanding colour power and exceptional transparency, and exceptional push stableness for a variety of click rates of speed.

Low migration in product packaging

regulations, Rules and developments about lower migration concerns are consistently altering. Keep knowledgeable by seeking a copy of ‘Low Migration Ink in Packaging’, a comprehensive guide made by INX that looks at industry problems. This highly free and informative booklet specifics one of the most appropriate standards and regulations, supplying offer sequence links, recommendations and responsibilities for produce production functions.

Unique R and manufacturingAndD functionality

INX is undoubtedly an industry head for the technology, application and system integration professional services:

Basic systems for 20 packaging and professional printing processes and applications

The sole key printer ink dealer also to manufacture their own films

Whole merchandise collections for website offset and sheetfed functions

State-of-the-art RAndD service staffed by 50 plus specialized industry experts and 150 field gurus

Decreasing-benefit printer production for superior batch consistency

ISO 9000/14001 accreditation

Firm-broad good quality initiatives, which include Half a dozen Sigma

INX crew assist system with speedy reaction distributor network

Exclusive printer ink inventory and management application

Programmed on-website blending and printer ink delivery service

Benefit-added programmes including press operator and audits instruction

Excellent customer service, expert support and technical training programs.