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tna will be the major distributor of total turnkey, integrated food items packing and handling alternatives throughout the world, with an mounted bottom of over 3,000 techniques in more than 130 nations globally. tna’s distinctive mixture of progressive technologies, substantial undertaking administration encounter and 24/7 worldwide assist guarantees buyers generally obtain higher overall flexibility, high end product packaging and digesting remedies using the cheapest cost of ownership along with the top return on investment.

tna’s processing and packaging solutions are employed in a variety of sectors, which includes salty snack foods, prepared confectionary, snacks, cereals and pasta clean generate, meat and poultrynuts, powders and poultry animal foods, freezing and many others.

processing and Packaging goods

roflo? 3: product or service distribution and transfer system

intelli-flav? 2: flavouring systems

robag? 3: straight type complete and seal (VFFS) packing system

multiple-brain scales


day coders

metal sensors

circumstance packers

circumstance erectors


shrink wrappers

full brand of digesting equipment

Item distribution and transfer

tna’s roflo? 3 is the best transfer and distribution system. roflo? 3 makes use of servo-motivated linear movements to rapidly and gently transport nearly every product. The system now offers cutting edge sustainability and flexibility features. roflo? 3 will allow consumers to turn back direction of product or service movements with all the contact of your finger and offers a raising device to increase pots and pans up and out of any line when needed; this simply means one particular range can manage several merchandise in nearly unlimited designs and without the probability of go across toxic contamination. roflo? 3’s versatility signifies that the identical final results can be achieved with considerably a lot fewer modules, in comparison to other techniques; this will make roflo? 3 an even more sustainable option that is extremely the best value.

Flavouring system

tna’s intelli-flav? 2 flavouring system delivers a new field of performance and consistency in merchandise flavouring. intelli-flav? 2 offers regular flavour and optimum insurance by instantly modifying fill balance to suit product or service need. A prejudice-lower feeder (electromagnetic supplier) inside of the drum also creates a level curtain of taste.

Product is managed lightly by the system, trying to keep flavour decrease and product or service harm to a definite minimum. tna’s intelli-flav? 2 delivers an additional remarkable design and style feature featuring its light-weight polymer taste drum, making cleaning up and changeover extremely effortless. The style of the flavouring drum delivers superior functionality and is also very easily removed by a single person in under one minute without the special resources.

Straight form, seal and fill (VFFS) product packaging

tna’s cutting edge robag? 3 packages food goods with unrivalled simplicity, flexibility and performance. It delivers higher rates of speed with complete integration, in excess of 95% productivity and quick former modifications making use of the ‘auto connect’ and ‘upload assist’ functions. Waste prices are as low as .5Percent and its particular modest footprint decreases ground-place expenses. These traits guarantee the least expensive cost of acquisition and highest return on your investment.

tna’s robag? 3 also offers the subsequent advantages:

Numerous film kinds (HDPE, OPP, COEX and laminates) and fullness (1μm – 150μm)

Numerous load formats including quattropack, pillow and gusseted prevent bottom part, string, sachet, euroslot / spherical opening and multipack

Handles a wide array of merchandise using its servo-motivated, swift-change rotary jaws

Customer-warm and friendly, all-electronic configurations and regulates

As much as 1,000 digitally kept courses, all effortlessly reached using a contact

Previous unload/stress help and vehicle link up (for nitrogen and air)

Servo-powered modern technology – 30Percent from the elements of typical devices

No mechanised adjustments required when shifting product or service or film

Minimal support required

Very easy to clean – fast remove-lower areas

Multi-mind scales

The tna 514-SNX 14-mind multi-mind weigher takes care of a wide selection of food items products with intense accuracy and reliability, as well as accelerates to 180 packs a minute. Customized-intended to the tna Intelli-sys? specification, the tna 514-SNX multiple-go weigher integrates easily with the robag? 3 VFFS system, giving the epitome of efficiency, reliability and accuracy.

Particular date coders

tna Intelli-time? 53T day coders come with a new, patented design and style that includes the clutchless, bi-directional ribbon travel system. This new modern technology reduces the greatest cause of down time in all pre-existing merchandise. Our time coders have the pursuing characteristics:

Straightforward ribbon cassette design will allow swift changeover

High-speed publishing with sizeable ribbon capacity (1,000m)

Able to produce rates of speed of 40mm/s – 1,000mm/s

Basic time/date, sell and batch-by time coding

Elevated stability

Greater alleviate and familiarity useful

Decrease in value of possession

Reduced consumables waste, cost and changeover time/consistency

Greater breadth – 107mm can also be obtainable in the tna Intelli-day? 107T product