In another exemplary stretch wrapping machine 2014

These time periods consider the circumstance where first limit change is scheduled 120° from your stopping stage to the turntable. This angle of 120° was chosen when running the wrapper for wrapping a 9000 lb. weight. As a result, the ten moments will allow the camera traveling earlier the positioning of the restrict swap for lowering the rate of rotation as soon as the turntable is on its secondly emerging trend as well as the 16 moments is definitely the time that it should acquire for the cam to get hold of the same restrict swap in the thirdly rotation. In this way, it can be guaranteed that you will have no less than two revolutions although not a number of revolutions in the turntable.

In one more exemplary embodiment of your current technology, in a spiral wrapping machine where the quantity of revolutions would be to surpass 10 revolutions an increased velocity of 24 rpm was applied. Using this type of higher velocity the higher energy of your turning weight necessitates a lengthier quitting time period. Consequently the decrease time period was commenced 300° from the stopping position, where the weight was about 2000 pounds.

The number of revolutions of the turntable and the weight of the load are all extremely high then in such unusual circumstances it may be necessary to commence the second slower speed during the next to last revolution if the speed of rotation.

The management device of your present invention may be used in any type of stretch wrapping machine together with a vast website stretch wrapper, a spiral stretch wrapper along with a dual roll stretch wrapper.