Glassine pieces of paper for food wrapping

Spezialpapierfabrik Oberschmitten (SPO) is actually a classic manufacturer of unique papers situated in the part of Frankfurt. The medium sized-measured pieces of paper mill is professional in production glassine documents used in foods and non-foods goods, and electric powered paperwork used in HV, capacitors and transformers-cables. SPO distributes its merchandise around the world and contains, throughout the years, progressed into a totally present day company.

SPO’s specialities in glassine pieces of paper are remarkably coloured and transparent glassine documents with good density.

Glassine papers

Glassine document is produced from a very processed pulp. It is actually almost fat-resilient but lacks drenched energy. Its higher openness is achieved with a unique mechanised remedy.

The items are utilized in a variety of programs for that packaging of foods and non-meals merchandise. Glassine paper may also be used for your envelope industry and also for gentle cooking, and also table linen, flower and stationery wrapping.

ECHO? Glassine pieces of paper is acceptable for gravure and flexo stamping. It can be fully compostable in accordance to DIN EN 13432 thus it provides financial savings to your waste managing.

Glassine pieces of paper wrapping packaging for confectionery

grease, purity and neutrality amount of resistance, glassine pieces of paper is often utilized for confectionery packaging simply because of its purity. By way of example, it’s employed as cushion mat for delicious chocolate boxes so when bags for chocolates; ordinary or corrugated papers is fantastic for use as box liners.

This site offers 13 regular colours inside our range of glassine document for confectionery (ECHO Col) so we may also generate particular colours in accordance with consumer demands. Additionally, this site offers various embossings (Spider, Silkworm, B-Linen). The glassine paper can be used as printing, coating and laminating for foods wrapping along with other wrapping and packaging materials. The coloured characteristics are partly licensed by XXXVI of BGA; you should question for more details.

Glassine document for envelope microsoft windows

SPO offers a highly clear and dimensionally steady glassine paper, which is often used as home window fabric for envelopes as well as the manufacture of medical totes.

It features higher visibility and dimensional balance, and is available in clear gentle glowing blue, lighting yellow-colored or gentle red-colored. Your window glassine is resistant against moisture content due to the fact that it must be free of chlorine and acid. It is nicely designed for windowing substance for envelopes, for your output of health-related totes, as pouches for issues and as safety for stamps in stamp albums.

ECHO Succeed is completely recyclable, clear of softening brokers and meets the prerequisites of your Photographic Action Analyze (ANSI IT9.2-1991, section 5.1.4). ECHO Acquire has different German and Swiss postal accreditation that verify machine readability and runability.

ECHO WIN is not only suitable for recycling envelopes, but also for wood-free white envelopes.

Glassine papers for handbag developing

By using a special kind of pulp and by reduced refining the glassine obtains a high tear and tensile strength. ECHO Handbag is primarily utilized for handbag production. The fat-evidence quality is obtained by technical therapy only. It possesses a densely shut surface area with excellent breathability and smell denseness.

Glassine papers for food wrapping

Echo Glassine is suitable for food products according to:



Us Federal drug administration

Italian Decredo Ministrale 21 marzo 1973

ECHO Glassine paper is suitable for food wrapping according to recommendation XXXVI of BGA and the American FDA, and may come in direct contact with fatty, dry and moist food. It is fairly neutral with regard to taste and smell.