functions of the packing line

Essential manage and automation elements of equipment constructed in the 80s and 90s are no more time offered as replacement components. Considering that those devices are key devices, there is an acute will need for action to assure maintenance and improvement of the creation.
In the forefront of the retrofit there is a mutual mechanical and electrical evaluation of the device in collaboration with the finish client. Based mostly on that evaluation, the parts that are no longer accessible will be established and a in depth retrofit principle for the mechanical and/or electrical equipment will be created. The most varied buyer specifications will be regarded as below.

The present mechanical and electrotechnical products will be taken care of as far as technologically feasible and demanded by the customer. Choices for advancement of performance and of the machine will be checked. Hence, for every machine an independently designed retrofit scale is created.


Where necessary, in those retrofits the mechanical assemblies will be fixed and the new flatness roll (and motors, if changed) will be mechanically integrated.

In addition to the improvement of the tools availability, based on the machine, the adhering to enhancements / expansions will be realized in the retrofits:

Improvement of set-up times
Enhancement of operator direction
Advancement of levelling programs
Relationship to a outstanding plant web
Integration of a bar code scanner
Integration of a upkeep program
Expansion of safety features

principal desk previous

key desk new
The levelling final results and generation effectiveness reached before the retrofit will be accomplished with out any troubles later on and will even be partly enhanced.

By these retrofits the availabilty of substitute parts and provider capabilities and therefore the products availability of these key machines will be guaranteed for the following a long time.

Content just before and right after strechtching
In addition to the mutual encounter of more than 30 freshly made stretch-bend-levelling traces, we can attract on the expertise we obtained in various retrofits of UNGERER stretch-bend-levelling lines (and other makers).

Hereby, all electrotechnically needed retrofits and upkeep will work like assembly and startup can be lined from us.