Finding air for the stretch wrapping machine

Periodically clean dirt accumulations from stretch wrapping machine, specially all around moving parts and travel

elements, ideally by vacuum-cleaning.



? The bearings happen to be greased on the factory and are ready to operate. Our recommendation is that all

attached bearings and support rims be relubricated with #3 lithium foundation oil each and every 3

a few months.


? lubricate, adjust and Clean chains every month. Chain should be lubricated with a breaking through type

business chain lube.

Products Reducers

? For new reducers, change the essential oil 120 hours right after the reducer starts functioning (according to 8 hrs per

day time of procedure). After the initially oils alter, alter oil each 2000 working several hours, or each six

a few months, whichever comes about first.

Temperatures Lubricant

25?? – 125?? F AGMA #8

15?? – 60?? F AGMA #7

Specific problems dust and water, and so forth.) might require a difference of lubricating times as formed by expertise.


When any difficulty develops, review the working recommendations. Analyze specific problems and

review the alternatives beneath.

orbital stretch wrapping Machine not operating in any way.

1. Check wall surface receptacle for potential.

2. Look into the air flow source.

3. Verify all power cord for reduce. (Fork Lift Vehicles injury cords.)

4. Check all fuses and/or breakers.

5. Check out Air conditioning travel for problems.

6. Examine all limit switches and sensors for injury, adhering or inner shorts.

7. Available cabinet and check that most relays are completely sitting within their bases.

8. Aesthetically examine for loose cords and for any signs of arcing or eliminating of any of

the ingredients.

9. The stretch wrapping film doorway should be shout just before the winder will operate.

10. Winder engagement ring sounds, use taping wax tart all around ring benefit.

11. It is advisable to involve practical assistance currently.


When any difficulty develops, look at the operating guidelines. Identify distinct problems and

assess the options below.

horizontal stretch wrapping Machine not operating at all.

1. Verify wall surface receptacle for potential.

2. Examine the oxygen provide.

3. Verify all power cord for cut. (Fork Raise Vehicles injury cords.)

4. Examine all fuses and breakers.

5. Examine AC travel for problems.

6. Check all restriction sensors and switches for damage, attaching or inside shorts.

7. Open cabinet and check that every relays are completely sitting down within their bases.

8. Creatively inspect for free wire connections as well as for any signs and symptoms of arcing or burning up for any of

the components.

9. The stretch film front door needs to be shout just before the winder will run.

10. Winder band noises, use taping wax tart around diamond ring edge.

11. You should require technical assistance at this time.