Film carriage entrance disables the machine when open up

WER-SERIES is part of any robust type of stretch wrapping equipment created to increase stretch film consumption whilst making certain the most effective fill unitization. All ARPACSTRETCHTM gear is constructed with weighty-task bolstered architectural metal and finished with no-corrosive Stainlesss steel-It color, to assure several years of reliable wrapping. The Strength-Collection is made in the united states and offered by means of our nationwide supplier system.

The POWER-Collection is the productive stretch wrapping answer for those substance handling surroundings. This automatic low-end turntable stretch wrapper is totally offered to forklift operators without the need of obtaining from the van The Strength-Collection could be purchased with the Place-N-Weigh up? feature that mixes wrapping and weighing into one particular operation, by adding accuracy and precision regulates to the turntable bottom. The Strength-Range is available in low and high information.

Mode of Operations

The forklift operator packages the pallet into the turntable of your Potential SERIES. The user then draws the lanyard cord to begin the place pattern. The film is automatically connected, the pallet is wrapped, along with the film is immediately minimize and also the tail is cleaned towards the pallet. After the wrapping pattern is completed, the twisted fill is taken off through the turntable program by forklift. Right after the wrap sector is clear, a new stress is situated along with the pattern is recurring.

Capabilities Options Machine Features Product or service Requirements Online video


Remote lanyard to begin pattern

Changeable top rated and base lighted LED place surfaces from -7

Magnet nearness changes instead of mechanical limit switches

Period pause feature and turntable walk handle

Best film more than cover handle attribute (TOC)*

Electronic film stress adjustment control on user interface

Self-sufficient down and up film carriage controls with jog up/down swap

Manual walk management for turntable

Enhanced picture vision for auto stress level sensing of all coloration lots

Micrologix 1200 PLC Handle Method using UL/CSA approved factors

NEMA 1 electric enclosurebr

Guarding and complete

Film carriage is mounted towards the machine tower on the opposite aspect in the operator user interface eradicating the possibility of the relocating carriage coming into exposure to the machine proprietor.

No uncovered chains, sprockets or machine drive elements.

Film carriage doorway disables the machine when open avoiding the carriage rollers or the machine from starting up if the user is evolving the film roll

The Natural powder Coated fresh paint product is common on all Arpac Stretch products. It can be USDA-authorized to use in the meals handling and processing market exactly where incidental food get in touch with might happen.