Film Bust Aggravation in pallet wrapper

Film pauses are not only an irritation. They’re the best problem in stretch wrapping. Frequently they resulted in a chain of disastrous consequences. And are generally, indeed, the opponent.

Film Split Frustration, Film BreaksHere are 3 methods to restriction your risk for film splits:

Pay attention to your fill information

Maintain your merchandise from protruding from the load. Forty percent of film breaks occur in the weight.

Appropriate distinct corners.

Teach operators to properly deal with film

Teach operators the way to effectively line the film through the film shipping method. Inappropriate film threading is actually a main cause of film breaks.

Film breaks can occur as soon as the film roll experiences nicks. These nicks happen if the film roll has been dropped or mishandled.

Do not buy “cheap” film

“Cheap” film has greater risk for flaws (gels, nicks, tears).

“Low-cost” film could be much less tear proof and doesn’t have the ability to stretch so far as efficiency films.

If your film starts breaking, find out why by asking these questions:


Would it be threaded appropriately?

Is definitely the determine right?

Exist problems (gels, nicks, tears)?

Load and pallet

Are there any sharp edges or protrusions?

Stretch wrapper

Is the wrap force set up properly?

Are nicks, slices or resin develop-up provide about the film make contact with types of surface?

Film clamp (on completely automated stretch wrappers):

Scissor clamps: Are nicks, reductions or resin create-up current around the film contact surface areas?

Vacuum clamps: May be the air flow strain right and air filtration thoroughly clean?

If these solutions don’t expose the problem, call your service technician and have him or her find and fix the problem. Or you can reject the wrap force and increase the film revolutions. And forget the film crack frustration!