Features auto evaluation system

he machine is mainly used for auto cartoning of aluminum-plastic-type blister table(including bubble capboard covered with aluminum foil) and similar specifications’ auto cartoning.

Primary Characteristics:

※ The rate is licensed by variable volume and adopts automated manage system.

※ The machine adopts guy-machine user interface working system ,automatically screen box pace ,quantity and also other overall performance guidelines ,as well as display the mistake causes and methods of maintenance and operation.

※ It could be applied that adjust and utilize of more specs on the certain confine on the very same machine.

※ Manual and automatic conversion process.

※ It may all at once complete the foldable and cartoning of the directions.

※ lt can print three set figures around the package and possess the capabilities of produce serial figures.

※ Contains intelligent evaluation system and has the functions of automated removal and suspension of no-conforming products.

※ It may be installed with popular melt adhesive inserting machine.

※ The equipment has a function of giving items to bins 2 times ,staying away from busting the shot items.

※ Getting the function of recognition with trays set up to stop the injections to interrupt the bottle.

※ The machine can create to connect together with the back and front instruments.

Major Characteristics:

※ The rate is controlled by factor frequency and adopts automated management system.

※ The machine adopts guy-machine interface running system ,automatically display container velocity ,volume as well as other overall performance factors ,as well as exhibit the mistake methods and causes of maintenance and operation.

※ It may be carried out that adjust and use more specifications on the distinct confine about the same machine.

※ Manual and automatic transformation.

※ It could simultaneously complete the collapsable and cartoning of the instructions.

※ lt can print out three set phone numbers about the pack and also have the features of printing serial phone numbers.

※ Includes auto examination system and possesses the characteristics of automatic removal and suspension of non-conforming goods.

※ It may be installed with popular burn adhesive inserting machine.

※ The equipment carries a function of delivering merchandise to boxes 2 times ,staying away from breaking the injection items.

※ Finding the function of diagnosis with trays into position to avoid the injections to break the package.

※ The machine can produce in order to connect using the front and back equipments.