device of upender

Disposed at drastically appropriate aspects to the plate system 7 tl at the left hand thereof (Shape 3) is definitely an perspective steel clamping pub 73 that features a foam rubber liner 7 i for stimulating one particular end from the series of tile shipped to the dish. Set respectively to the underside of the clamping bar 73 as well as to the undersurface in the foundation 7h are telescoping manual people 76 and 75. A go across bar 77 is xed to the guideline fellow member 75 and hooked up thereto is actually a piston 79 working in an oxygen cylinder 73. By introducing air into one end or the other of the cylinder 73, the clamping bar 73 is moved to and nom tile-clamping position.

With the right hand finish (FIGURE 3) of the upender plate is actually a `clamping plate 80 which cooperates with all the clamping ba-r 73 to clamp the group of stacks of ceramic tile Ta and their jewelry Tb therebetween, the platter 80 having against the rings Tb. A curved arm 81 is disposed underneath the dish platform 70 and it is xed at one particular conclusion on the clamping platter 80 and the reverse conclusion is pivoted at 82 into a bracket depending in the yunderside from the foundation 70. An air tube is coupled to the bottom `of the program and has a piston 84 working towards Athe bent arm 81 -for moving the clamping plate 80 to Land Afrom ceramic tile clamping situation.

Once the `cutter dolly has sophisticated its number of severed porcelain tile Ta and finish wedding rings Tb to the upender foundation 70, it goes out of the lway and after that responding to a appropriate restriction swap (not shown) the clamping club 73 and clamping plate 80 relocate towards the other as a way safely to `clamp the tile stacks in position. Thereupon a hydraulic cylinder S5 -in the track 72 is positioned kin 0peration to advance its piston rod 86, which can be linked to the left hand finish (Body 2) of your upender dish and advancements the upender tray till the rollers 66 take part conclusion ceases 87. Ongoing movement of your piston rod 86 stones the upender holder in the clockwise approach about the rollers 66 to the up-right placement specifically over and a little yspaced from the system of the kiln car E.