consultant of stretch film wrap and stretch wrapping equipment

Integrated Packing (Ip address) is Australia’s biggest production consultant of stretch film wrap and stretch wrapping equipment. Being an worldwide industry director we visit higher lengths to provide successful agricultural and industrial packing options for a wide range of sectors.

IP’s agricultural division can be a planet head within the manufacture, supply and development of built-in wrapping, storage, baling and silage inoculant alternatives. We have a substantial and established range of products within the SilaFARM merchandise family.

Silage baling film and silage wrapping film

Certainly the world’s most reputed silage baling film, SilaWRAP includes a 12-30 days promise from Ultraviolet destruction, features high UV stabilisation, and supplies an air-tight and weatherproof cover.

Superior-good quality silage wrapping film SilaWRAP Additionally is founded on branded Altex pre-stretch technology and offers much more bales for every roll to obtain increased wrapping performance.

Developed by IP to offer a substantial collection of baling and wrapping alternatives, EnduroWRAP is a custom made-produced stretch film for sale in a wide array of widths, measures and gauges.

Baling adhesive tape, bale internet wrap and baling twine

SilaTAPE baling tape can be a cost-effective taping remedy made for bale wrapping repairs a result of accidental or machine software damage. It increases and commitments with weather conditions and it is manufactured to stick for the life of the wrapped silage.

SilaNET bale internet wrap lets you protect your crop and achieve perfect circular bales, whether or not you would like full width or older-the-aspect bale internet wrapping.

The SilaTWINE variety of baling twine can be obtained in a range of inexpensive baling possibilities, suited to modest rounded and large rectangular bales. SilaTWINE is perfect as a standalone application product or to secure bales/silage before wrapping with stretch film.

Pre-stretch LLDPE film and ventilated stretch film

We have now more improved our cutting edge Ex-Mobile phone pre-stretch LLDPE film. Ex-Cell’s light-weight rolls, straightforward stretch qualities and stroll frontward wrapping approach reduce Oh yeahAndS issues like muscle injury and strain. Furthermore, it makes use of significantly less film and therefore generates significantly less waste, slicing costs and improving the setting.

Ideal for palletising goods that need to have transpiration / venting, Ex-Cell Air ventilated stretch film enables quicker chilling and drying of the items. It can be applied easily and quickly, much like typical stretch film.

Substantial-performance stretch film

IPEX substantial-overall performance stretch film is created from LLDPE, which has the ability to stretch to a lot of instances its unique size and then retract to give the maximum memory (holding power). This really is vital for stabilisation when carrying goods. An original feature of IPEX is the single-sided tack which allows items to be managed easier. There is no risk of pallets adhering to each other or attracting dirt.

IPEX golden from IP is the most up-to-date improvement in machine stretch film and sets the standard for peak, durability and strength performance. Designed specifically for fully programmed models, IPEX precious metal maximises efficiency and effectiveness with every wrap.

Higher-overall performance hand and machine cast films

Jackwrap Top quality As well as machine film delivers a lot less waste and minimize gauges, outstanding film durability, a lot fewer roll changes and lower wrap expense. Jackwrap Superior machine film boasts exceptional checking good quality and tranquil procedure, in addition to higher puncture and rip level of resistance, and a strong and consistent film deliver.

Value Plus hands film and Machine In addition machine film are perfect for various applications. They give substantial clarity and tack, higher energy and superiour stretch characteristics. These movies offer low priced for each pallet twisted.

Pallet best covers, palm wrappers, pack end and wrappers plugs

We provide pallet top addresses to protect your products from moisture and dust, and also a selection of palm wrapping components, including palm wrappers, bundle wrappers and stop plugs.

Semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrapping machines

From semi-automated stretch wrapping equipment to fully programmed collections and person IP, projects and Integrated Devices (our lover organization) consistently bring you effective stretch wrapping solutions.

We are also happy substances to the Lantech array of stretch wrapping equipment from your US, such as semi-auto stretch wrapping systems, automated conveyorised stretch wrapping techniques, and expense straddle stretch wrapping solutions.