Closures and wrapping machine dispensers for chemical

Team is one of the world’s leading closing manufacturers of plastic material closures for your carton, metal and plastic compartment industries for an twelve-monthly level of close to 60 billion dollars pieces. We support our buyers to obtain the excellent closure for their boxes.

BERICAP supplies closures for:

Drinks: carbonated carbonated drinks, fruit drinks, teas, energy cocktails, continue to and carbonated vitamin normal water, water in bottles (hod), and drink

Dairy: milk and milk items

Edible essential oil

Sauces and dressings

Engine oils and auto drinks

Substance products

Agrochemical items

Pharmaceutical merchandise

Parts for that packaging sector: metallic packaging, blow moulded packaging, plastic-type pails, carton packaging and cup packaging

With 20 factories in 18 countries across the world, on-going projects in Asia, the Middle Latin and East America, and a network of licensees and partners, BERICAP offers a truly global service to supply similar products made according to the same quality and service standards to its global customers.

With four core RAndD centres in Spain, Turkey, France and Germany, a mould go shopping in Hungary, and several satellite R&D places of work in the principal functions, BERICAP is specially dedicated to development and development in plastic-type material closures for its buyers.

Plastic closing design, manufacture and development

BERICAP’s providers and essential competences include:

Merchandise advancement

Neck and orifice design

Form generating

Technological support for capping technology

Amazing hysteresis capping mind

Merchandise attributes:

Compound compatibility of product and closures

UN acceptance for unsafe products

Tamper data methods

IHS solutions




Little one opposition

Gas shield closures

Oxygen scavenging

Carbonation and pressure maintenance

Excess weight reduction for sustainability

Closing design (top rated and side produce, UTC laser light stamping)

Filling up:

Aseptic (wet and dry contamination for level and sports caps)

Hotfill in Animal (1-computer closing technology and e-wall surface lessening)

Hats and closures for every single pot

BERICAP will find the closure remedy for almost any box. We make closures for carbonated carbonated drinks, nonetheless mineral drinking water, HOD and drinking water containers from 5l to 10l, drink bottles, fruit juices, energy drinks, delicious sauces, dressings and oilsdressings, agro, chemical, milk and pharma-chemical products. Whether in metal, plastic or carton boxes, our closures can be used as coldfill, frosty aseptic fill up and hotfill software.

Expense-protecting and sustainable lightweight closures

BERICAP’s SuperShorty? and HexaLite? varieties of light-weight closures for first time, light PET neck coatings show the company’s commitment to eco friendly packaging due to reduced plastic resin consumption minimizing green house gas emission.

BERICAP includes a light in weight neck and closure answer for cold aseptic and hotfilling software and also for edible oil.

The HexaLite closure household is ideal for the light-weight 26mm neck area finish; HexaLite 29 would work for that 30mm neck area accomplish. To the 26.7mm neck finish off the HexaLite 26 FB delivers a full weight protecting of 2.8g. In comparison with the traditionally used PET neck area 30/25 the price savings are drastically increased.

BERICAP has enhanced the DoubleSeal SuperShorty? profile ideal for PCO 1881 to incorporate the closure range DoubleSeal SuperShorty Crown for beer, DoubleSeal SuperShorty for CSD, DoubleSeal SuperShorty CSD Eco as a lower-body weight choice and DoubleSeal SuperShorty Nevertheless for nevertheless beverages. DoubleSeal SuperShorty for hotfill applications is additionally available.

The venting potential in the SuperShorty design continues to be bigger to ensure secure venting on 2.5l containers stuffed up to 4.5 volPercent CO2, which implies no chance of blow-off of if your customer unscrews closures with excessive velocity. All SuperShorty closures are equipped with the well-known DoubleSeal method for safe closing even below very hot weather conditions.

Now BERICAP has finished its range of products for PCO 1881 light neck area accomplish with the development of the LinerSeal SuperShorty. The LinerSeal SuperShorty is actually a two-bit closing made out of polypropylene having a free-turning EVA-liner. The LinerSeal SuperShorty is aimed towards marketplaces seeking two-bit closures in general, for UTC liner marketing promotions or trying to find a translucent appearance. The closing efficiency is comparable to other two-item closures appropriate to PCO 1810.

All HexaLite and SuperShorty closures include a slit and folded basic safety group for productive tamper data performance along with a reliable and forgiving app on substantial-pace collections. The closing method is made for optimum tightness.

Fuel barrier and oxygen-scavenging closures for oxygen-vulnerable liquids

BERICAP has produced attach caps with fuel barrier and oxygen-scavenging qualities considering that 1999. BERICAP provides diverse closing remedies with fresh air scavenger in diameters of 28mm (PCO 1810 and PCO 1881) and 38mm, which conduct a important contribution on the product security.

The air scavenger incorporated into the related closure primarily soaks up the oxygen which accumulates from the headspace soon after filling and is in a position to lower the air articles underneath the starting up levels as time passes. These attach hats are in use by well known manufacturers.

No-widemouth, flip and drip-top rated closures

BERICAP creates a variety of low-drip closures with hinge-lid caps, attach hats, long-skirt pourers or overlapping hats. Each and every limit is suited to the actual viscosity of your merchandise: from extended-skirt pourers for low viscosity products like vinegar, to hinge-cover hats for method to great viscosity products for example dressings. Damage-away from rings and membranes are integrated as tamper apparent systems. Fitments can also be found for versatile packaging.

Widemouth caps for top viscosity condiments and sauces are compatible with glass and plastic jars having a throat accomplish as much as 80mm. The caps could be printed or embossed and lined with EPE, IHS or PVDC.

Closures and dispensers for substance goods

BERICAP has a wide variety of closures for chemicals, agrochemicals and motor oil; and is highly dedicated to getting methods to buyer-particular demands. The professional RAndD group has experience with licensed deals for unsafe goods and can handle compound compatibility problems.

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