Characteristics and Performance of packaging material

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Performance and Characteristics:

This unit makes use of LLDPE as main substance and adopts many types of resins to manufacture the only/dual-side self-tacky stretch wrapping film. The film has good tensile strength,contra –pricking potential and influence durability. Its very good diminishing storage function and self-tacky can make products integrity to prevent goods from loosening and collapsing throughout travelling and becoming dirty by airborne dirt and dust. The openness and tensile energy of the item will make the packaging economical, practical and beautiful. The film might be commonly used in wrapping of palletized goods. It?ˉs an excellent alternative to very hot diminishing packaging film during transportation.


Size of Screw Originate



Significant size proportion of screw Stem(L/D)

30: 1(L/D)

30: 1(L/D)

Rationl rate of screw stem



Foldable Size of items






Major engine potential



Heating system Strength



Machine bodyweight



Total Proportions (L*W*H)



Item Information:

Blissun provide you with the WSP-B range auto film shrink packing machines( sleeve wrapper Shrinker ) is suitable for wrapping goods for example pop-cans, etc and bottles with bottom-holder or without base-plate, utilizing PE-film shrink tunnel

These are generally Higher-productive Shrink Wrapping machine, Auto Shrink Wrapping machine can pack Glass jar, PET bottle, pot-best cans with film. The capability is 25-90packs/m.

—Packing format:

A. Film only;

B. Film tray;

C. Film pad.


-Container infeed conveyor: Transporting the products into jar isolating area.

-Bottle separating: Breaking up merchandise into appointed features.

-Carboard promoting: Carboard grasped by sucker and moved to synchronous conveying portion.

-Folding program: Carboard folded and stuck by very hot-burn gluer.

-Synchronous promoting method: Tray and products transmitted into film shrinking segment.

-Film wrapping method: Wrapping the merchandise with film.

-Heat shrink tunnel: Beneath the purpose of energy current, film shrunk by temperature and in close proximity to goods strongly.

—Functioning Basic principle:

-Completed circumstances in supply in the conveyor which communicates those to the pusher area, then this pusher drives the situations to the conveyor table.

-When the circumstances have to rotate 90° , the case rotation gadget rotates the situations 90° As soon as the instances reach the roller conveyor range.

-The pusher forces the cases towards the conveyor table with the aid of the auto management countertop and photoelectric detector, the cases is lay orderly in one covering, they then are presented towards the pallet.

-The table storing device which stores the pallets (tray) can shift the pallets towards the palletizing station. You will discover a holding out pallet before the palletizing newspaper, it goes towards the palletizing newspaper along with the complete pallet after the whole pallet is discharged through the conveyor. This gadget is with high speed, there are 2 full pallet storing stations on the conveyor.

Substantial potential ,high quality and finest price .