BrandWatch Technological innovation for stretch wrapping machine

BrandWatch Technology is really a worldwide innovator of brand name safety remedies that engineers and manufactures covert minute markers and detectors. The markers can easily be inlayed throughout production or packaging without the need of visibly adjusting the features from the initial product or service. BrandWatch stretch wrapping machine detectors provide quick in-industry authentication whenever you want during the product lifecycle.

Highly effective company defense for packaging and bottles

Our overall flexibility technologies is fantastic for integration with a selection of items from various sectors, which includes:

Packaging and labels





Foreign currency


Identification badges

spirits and Wine

OEM components

Recognized papers

Smoking cigarettes

Deluxe products

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Covert marker pens for packaging and products

BrandWatch stretch wrapping machine presently creates two households of covert markers/taggants: SpectraTagg and MicroTagg. Both of these are detectable using the Disclose sensor. The taggants produce a inexpensive, flexible stability coating that is harmless for foods get in touch with. They are often included in:


Surface finishes

Plastic materials




Gardening chemical substances

Immediate authorization product and packaging authentication musical instrument

Products or packaging might be instantly authenticated making use of our after that technology Expose detector at any moment inside the product lifecycle. This hand-held detector allows for discreet verification due to the portability and size.

We work with our customers to customize a technique to distinctively verify their products, delivering:

Culpability decrease

Fake recognition

Product or service diversion reduction

Warrantee assert authorization

trace and Track

High quality management

Recycle sequence confirmation

Adaptable taggants and sensors

BrandWatch pallet stretch wrapping machine taggants and sensors are inexpensive, stand-by yourself systems. They can also be layered to bolster present overt and covert manufacturer defense solutions.

BrandWatch horizontal stretch wrapper works proficiently with manufacturer users and labeling, converting and packaging firms. Our options effortlessly blend into present converting and labeling methods with out visibly adjusting deal features.

High-quality and safe taggants and sensors

BrandWatch horizontal stretch wrapper will deliver its taggants and detectors straight to your producing or packaging service from my safe center inOregon and Portland, US. All taggants and sensors are manufactured and developed in-house. Our customer care status is exceptional due to the fact we keep rigid secrecy throughout the entire chain of custody while upholding the very best quality handle.

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