Bag-in-box liquid packaging and wrapping

Rapak and Worldwide Dispensers are major divisions of DS Smith Plastic materials Liquefied Packaging and Dispensing, which is one of the ?ê2.5bn earnings DS Smith PLC Group.

Our mission is to service the liquid packaging industry and to help customers and industries recognise the commercial and logistical advantages of bag-in-box packaging, as well as help customers and companies achieve market breakthroughs by providing innovative dispensing solutions, as a market leader in liquid packaging and dispensing.

Bespoke fluid packaging and dispensing solutions

Our method is founded on a exact analysis of consumer needs. We create bespoke packaging and dispensing solutions by working closely with our customers and being totally committed to building a deep understanding of their industry and products.

Set up worldwide, we have a lot of practical experience and ever-raising accomplishment with the most significant liquid drink and food companies. Increasingly more food and drink companies are converting to the contemporary liquefied packaging and dispensing solutions, that provide key positive aspects which include:

A greater price/efficiency percentage

Increased efficiency during the entire source sequence

The highest requirements of cleanliness and hygiene

A prolonged rack-lifestyle

Via reduced expenses and increased efficiency, we help manufacturers and shops gain a competitive benefit. We provide an extensive selection of express-of-the art liquefied packaging and dispensing goods, such as:

Hand bags


Satisfying devices

Impressive dispensing remedies

Each of our goods are produced with the ISO qualification of reliability and quality.

Aseptic / no-aseptic satisfying systems

Our filler array is recognised as both most comprehensive as well as the most versatile available on the market, which includes aseptic and low-aseptic options with a variety of wise dispensers. According to the output required, for all fillers customers can choose semi or fully-automatic filling systems.

Merchandise necessitating sterility, in addition to low-aseptic products, are taken care of using the same higher degrees of productivity. One mind fillers with turnkey entirely automated multi-go equipment are offered. The aseptic collection contains the copyrighted aseptic membrane satisfying method Intasept? , which has become the wrapping packaging program of preference of several firms, along with the stretch wrapping filling up system which is made for clients with a lot more normal apps, using totes using a gland plus a limit.

The low-aseptic collection consists of the Autokap? higher-rate, accurate selection of fillers, which is specifically designed to complete an extended variety of both cold and hot dependable drinks.

Bag-in-container liquid packaging

The reduced environmental impacts of bag-in-package modern technology help it become an increasingly attractive packaging method for organizations to lower their carbon impact and deal with offer chain charges more effectively. The capability to allow for the two low and high acid solution drinks has created the formatting popular with other water market segments includingadhesives and chemicals, work surface pricing and lubricating oil. Pack measurements vary from 1.5l to 1,000l which tends to make Rapak and Around the world Dispensers’ product collection suited to retail and ‘business to business’ end users.

cocktails, juices, wine and Smoothies submit-combine syrups, normal water, milk shakes along with other dairy products are just some of the liquid drinks and foods which us our travelling bag-in-box and dispensing solutions. When put together with impressive dispense solutions, handbag-in-box is among the easiest, price-ecological and effective sorts of packaging.