Automatic-Encrusting-Machine for pastry


Automatic-Encrusting-Machine for pastry

As a manufacturer,Automatic encrusting machines were designed since October, 2006. Before standard machine creation, the first testing machine device was controlled on own confectionery produce for 10 years. When machine was analyzed and testing in actual conditions for food production,  the design of the machine tool is able meets and verified real needs of food manufacture. It really is possible to approve confirm with high confidence which automatic encrusting machine is very reliable and straightforward adequate in function for pastry, cake… Until now, there are more than thousands equipment in client’s factory

Warranty period of the automatic encrusting machine instrument procedure is 1 year after installation. At producing machine resources the “know-how” is stringently observed and also the materials fixed to program inside the foods-handling business are employed only. Before sending to the buyer passes preselling tests – within 1 hour the finished goods are issued, almost each machine tool.


Bigger and evident representations about encrusting machine job could be received, possessing looked brought listed below tiny films.

1. Production of circular bicoloured shortcake with the type of physique in the form of an 8 beam star.

ncrusting confectionary machine is designed to fungus the packed pastry (cakes, shortcake and cookies extravagant cakes, and so forth. Also curd cheese rolls, sweets, ravioli and pies etc. may be transferred in the machine