assembly raising the stretch film roll carriage assemblage

The one motor travel system as established in Assert 7, wherein stated solitary motor travel layout further more includes:

a spring member interposed in between said rotatable boom set up and stated cable drum set up for biasing explained cord drum to stated very first situation;

a first solenoid product installed after said fixed boom fellow member and engageable with said cable tv drum assembly, when mentioned initially solenoid system is actuated, for relocating mentioned cord drum assembly to stated next placement versus the biasing force of said spring season associate; and

another solenoid gadget fitted upon explained fixed growth fellow member and engageable with stated cable television drum assembly, when said 2nd solenoid system is actuated and said first solenoid system is deactuated, for shifting stated cable drum construction to said next situation up against the biasing force of mentioned springtime fellow member.

The only electric motor push system as set forth in Claim 8, wherein:

mentioned second and first solenoid devices are attached with reverse sides of stated fixed growth fellow member.

The single electric motor travel system as established in one or more of boasts 5 to 9, where explained single engine push layout further more comprises:

a plurality of very first detent recesses provided after said stationary thrive member;